DeskLodger of The Month (June) - Basingstoke

Meet Stuart Wright, he works for Sapphire in our Basingstoke DeskLodge branch. He is the lead within their Southern Sales team. Lets hear what he has to say!..

DLER bstoke.jpg

What do Sapphire do?

  • We provide Information Security services and solutions to organisations across the UK. We have over 40 services and product lines but as a snapshot we have a team of penetration testers (ethical hackers) who are authorised to work on behalf of UK Government and we can also accredit companies to standards such as Cyber Essentials. 

How long have you worked at Sapphire/Desklodge?

  • I’ve worked for Sapphire for over 5 years but helped setup our Basingstoke office 2 years ago to help the development of our company in the south. We’ve seen some really good growth in the last year – over 40% - and our bosses are keen for that to continue this year. We moved into Desklodge at Easter as it provided us a good mix of private office space, shared areas to work and meet in but also social elements that a private office couldn’t offer. It’s also flexible for us as we grow and have to employ more people to support that.

What’s your favourite thing about your job?

  • The security industry is very tightly-knit and its nice to work with so many people over a long period of time. Even though Sapphire’s staff of 50 is dispersed across the UK it really has a strong family feel and we enjoy getting together. I hope we can keep that ethos as the company grows.

What’s your favourite thing about Desklodge?

  • My first thought was the Coffee - but really it’s the breakout areas where I can meet informally with the team and our partners who come to visit. We’d probably all love not to have to work and just do fun things all day – so its nice to come to a place that can help work remain fun - I get to sit on a Pirate Ship – what’s not to like?

What do you like to do in your spare time?

  • I have 2 active sporty boys so most of my spare time is wrapped up with them. However, when I get a minute I like to play the piano. I’m also writing a book but its taking longer than I anticipated. At this rate it will be 2020 before I finish it.

Building a coworking space & a little on how our's works!

You start with a space and you look at it like a blank canvas, you know you need basic amenities kitchen areas, desks and chairs, but beyond this you consider what you want to achieve, and what spaces/experiences you want to add, from open plan coworking spaces, break out areas and offices, a few meeting rooms and phone booths perhaps? Then the creativity begins.

To keep things interesting, DeskLodge choose different themes for each new build, each nook and cranny gets a special quirk or a certain themed style from the Tardis quiet room (yes, it’s bigger on the inside) or the astro grass floor in our indoor garden spaces. We like to create exciting spaces that are aesthetically pleasing and tactile, to inspire your senses and in turn influence and encourage your productivity.

 At DeskLodge we like to think anything is possible. We have added no skype zones and quiet rooms and equally balanced this out with private, soundproofed phone booths. We have office spaces varying from 1 to 70 person spaces, we have even been known to remove and add new walls to accommodate our latest resident DeskLodgers needs.

One thing you need to know about a coworking space is that things can change, often! DeskLodge offers short-term licences, so there are always new DeskLodgers moving in and out which keeps things fun. We encourage and help companies expand and grow by offering them bigger or extra spaces. Many companies will outgrow our spaces and that’s Ok, we are happy to have been part of their journey and we then look forward to seeing who will replace them as our new DeskLodgers. Like Dr who we regenerate too!

At DeskLodge we listen to the view and opinions of our staff and DeskLodgers and strive to make DeskLodge the best coworking experience ever! We are always improving our tech from software to wifi as well as getting in the best coffee machines and adding soya milk to our shopping list for all our none dairy DeskLodgers.

We want our spaces to be comfortable and fun, with lots of different seating and working options from regular desks, standing desks to garden benches for casual group meetings and comfy home from home sofas. The best thing about this is that you can move around as much as you like and sit in an area that suits you, your mood and what you are working on at that point.

One very important thing about building a coworking space isn’t just having the coffee machine near the reception, or the most expensive furniture, the most important thing is the team. We have worked really hard on having an awesome team to make it all happen. Having friendly and sociable staff on hand to help you out, keep you productive, make you laugh and even give you a shoulder to cry on is a really big thing for us. We are super friendly and love to hear your stories and what’s going on in our DeskLodgers lives. Of course, there needs to be a balance, we are there if you need us but not in your face, there is no hard sell on a tour and we are laid back and the complete opposite of corporate but still professional.

We are a family. We are DeskLodge.

DeskLodge Bristol hosts Sofar Sounds secret gigs!

Something very exciting happened at the May DeskLodge social when we were joined by the secret gigs heroes Sofar Sounds and three live music acts including Canadian singer songwriter Ursidae, BBC Introducing’s Aaron Douglas and Liverpool based duo Deliah.

The mystery behind what was going to happen at this DeskLodge Social Special had baffled many DeskLodgers, who, as the nature of a secret gig, we couldn’t tell exactly what was going to happen! Sofar Sounds event was well received!

Sofa sounds made themselves at home in the oak tree space and dressed the stage (thanks to their videographer) using props and plants found around our space to create the most homely and welcoming dressed stage ever!

First up was Ursidae, a laid-back Canadian who writes sad songs for relatively happy people! Ursidae performed a surprising cover of Mariah Carey’s Heartbreaker and chatted to us about how she has never been asked if she was ‘Alright?’ so much since being in Bristol! ‘Alright me babber?’

Next up was Aaron Douglas, a charismatic singer-songwriter who had toned his rock vibes down to a more folky sound for the Sofar Sounds semi-acoustic set, claiming this song really sounds like a Foo Fighters song whilst working his way through many regional accents in between sets through several different accents, a habit that is both humorous and endearing.

The final performance came from Deliah, this super sweet duo played an full acoustic set without a microphone or an amp in sight, belting out harmonies and stories about friends, whilst telling us how they had missed the acoustic side of performing, well they certainly got a chance to play a beautifully raw set as a finale to the Sofar Sounds evening.

The vibe was chilled with all attendees from the Sofar Sounds followers mixed with DeskLodgers, lounged on the floor, enjoying the music and drinking a glass of wine or a beer or two. This had to be one of the most chilled DeskLodge socials ever and a welcome change.

Thanks to Sofar sounds for choosing DeskLodge as one of your amazing spaces!

DeskLodger of the Month - Bristol - June

DeskLodger of the Month
Richard Bowles from Support Partners

Meet Richard, who is a Systems Engineer for DeskLodge residents Support Partners and likes gadgets, scuba diving and cider slushies.

DLEr of the month.jpg

What do Support Partners do?
We offer consultancy and support for any company creating video! Working with mostly broadcasters, ad agencies and news corporations (like the BBC, McCann and the FT) to streamline and automate their processes in new and creative ways.

How long have you worked at Support Partners / DeskLodge? 
I have been with Support Partners for 2 years and we have been residents here for just under 2 years now.
What's your favourite thing about your job? 
My favourite thing about my job is being given the opportunity to explore the latest technologies and to work them into a usable solution that benefits our clients and makes managing them easier.
The solutions I get to play with have extremely complex back ends (which are very fun to play with) but by the time the end users touch it, all of the complexity is hidden away, leaving them with an enjoyable and reliable working environment.

What's your favourite thing about DeskLodge? 
DeskLodge has the best coffee machine I have access too! It also has amazing staff that are always up for a chat by the coffee machine. Most importantly though it has such a good vibe, it just makes coming into the office that extra bit more enjoyable.

What do you like to do in your spare time?  
I enjoy playing with new gadgets and actively improving my home automation (Alexa is now a fundamental part of my life haha). When I do get chance to venture outdoors I enjoy rock climbing, Scuba diving and cycling. In July a few of us are doing a cycle from Bristol to London which will be fun and challenging. We are raising money for Diabetes UK so if anyone wants to donate please feel free to check out our donation page 

What's your favourite thing to do in the sun?
Drink a cider slushy down The Old Lock & Weir in Hanham. Shorts, T-Shirt, Flip Flops….. Living the dream! 
Thanks Richard, Good luck with the charity cycle challenge! 

DeskLodger Of The Month May - Basingstoke

Meet George from Wellman property management, who are a family run business dealing with residential lettings and block management.

How long have you been with Wellman?

I’ve been with the company since September 2017 and we joined desk lodge in March.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

I love the challenge of my role, every day is different and you have to plan for the unknown all the time.

What do you like about DeskLodge?

Desklodge is a perfect space for me!

I can choose which area to sit in depending on my mood and the tasks I have to complete that day .. Its diverse and funky in it is imagery and I like that ! I fell in love with the place as soon as I walked in!

It’s also a great way of connecting with other Desk lodgers and hear about their ventures, Networking while working ..!

What do you get up to in your spare time?

I am a busy mum of two boys, so footie training and making bow and arrows in the wood is how I spend most my spare minutes..

As long as I’m outside in the sunshine I’m happy..  I love the days at the beach no matter the season !  

I do try and get to the gym at least twice a week so that I can eat cake guilt free !

Thanks George - we hope you've been active and had some well deserved cake :)


Building A Community

Join our community......

Co-working isn’t just about shared space, free wifi and coffee, it’s also about creating a community: a mix of like-minded people who can inspire each other and make newbies feel welcome and comfortable from the moment they arrive.


We love our community at DeskLodge, we love that we have both regular members and new faces each week. The DeskLodge space grows, moves and adapts as different people join us or move on to a new adventure. We are flexible and that attracts large companies to lone hotdeskers who want to experience a home from home vibe that is fresh and ever-changing.

Our community have a chance to network and socialise in our open plan areas, they can work and eat together, attend events and unwind in our weekly yoga sessions (Bristol only). One way we like to encourage our DeskLodgers to get to know each other better is through our social events.


Inclusive Socials....

After organising many successful DeskLodge Social events, which usually consist of drinks, fun and  a chance to take time out from work life and meet new DeskLodgers, we recognised that not all of our DeskLodgers could attend the evening socials due to long commutes out of the city home. We also noted that not everyone (I know it’s hard to believe) likes to drink alcohol and despite us offering non-alcoholic drinks at the socials, some people are just not comfortable in those livelier situations.

Although every DeskLodger is welcome to join our socials we realised they were not quite as inclusive as we first thought. This is where the DeskLodge Breakfast Social comes in. DeskLodgers get to enjoy a free breakfast or pastry's, in a calmer atmosphere and still have the chance to network and socialise with fellow DeskLodgers.


Inclusivity is a major part of creating the perfect coworking community. You need to recognise any areas that need more work and act on them. We want every DeskLodger to feel comfortable and to feel they can come to us with an idea that we may be able to help you expand or improve.

In the future we would love to see more in-house meet ups and collaborations that involve our community, created organically by the Desklodgers themselves and supported by DeskLodge. We want to put all of our skills, talents and friendships together and use them in a productive way that we can all benefit from. 


If you have an idea for DeskLodge socials, meet ups, societies and groups or skills to share with our amazing DeskLodge community then get in touch and let us know your ideas. Let’s collaborate and get productive!

Supporting stress at DeskLodge for Mental Health Awareness Week 2018

It is Mental Health Awareness Week and The Mental Health Foundation have chosen stress as their main theme of focus for 2018. DeskLodge would like to help towards combating stress in the workplace and how working with other people, in a coworking space, can really help towards reducing stress.

Stress is something that builds up over time, the more worried you become about reaching those deadlines and get the best performance out of your work, the more pressure you put on yourself and the more stressed you become.

One way to deal with stress is to talk to other people, interacting with our fellow humans can really remove you from a stressed state. Not only will they take your mind off your worries, they may even be able to help you to solve your problems. We are not saying go and hang out with people that really talk and don’t let you get a word in edgeways but there are lots of considerate, caring, friendly and funny people at DeskLodge who may help you to calm down, talk things over and distract you for a moment, which may be all you need.

Mental Health....png

If you work from home, you will probably be missing human contact. Meeting new people can help you realise what you do and do not want to be like, as well as influencing and inspiring you to do things you hadn’t considered before. Coming to DeskLodge takes you out of your box (or living room in your pj’s) and into a colourful but calm space, that may help relieve your stress, loneliness and even open up those inspirational blocks that you just can’t get out of in your home environment.

DeskLodge has so many spaces that you can hid away when you need to in our cosy corners and quiet rooms or hang out with other DeskLodgers in our open hotdesking spaces and there is always someone to chat to in the kitchen, a real home from home vibe!

Why not come along to DeskLodge or your local coworking space. Stay out of the cafes where the pressure of groups of people standing over you as you hog a table or having to buy another coffee to keep your seat, is just adding to your stress. DeskLodge has free coffee, which actually isn’t highly recommended for stress, so why not try a cup of calming Peppermint Tea?

DeskLodge offer many perks that help you de-stress from weekly yoga classes for you to relax and unwind, a sports message therapist comes in once a fortnight to tackle aches, pains and tension or perhaps relaxing isn’t what you need? DeskLodge Bristol also have our own personal trainer to help you find the time to get fit and feel healthier, which is great for your body and mind.

Stress can bring on other mental health problems including anxiety and depression, recognising that you may have a problem is the first step. Combat stress before it snowballs, by talking to people and considering lifestyle changes that may be contributing to your stress. Mental Health is still such a taboo subject, it is so important to add some selfcare and love into your life, so help yourself and others will follow.

Please do not suffer alone whether it is stress or another mental health issue, talk to people, get help and most importantly love yourself and don’t feel bad about it, you deserve time out, treats and fun, it’s time for a bit of self-care!

DeskLodge will be holding an event with Health Care specialists Simply Happy on Thursday 14 June. Keep and eye out on our social media and blog for more information

Link -

For more information on managing stress read this article by The Mental Health Foundation

Link -

DeskLodger of the Month - Bristol

Genesis Self-Fordham from Ecotricity

Meet Genesis, who is a Developer for DeskLodge residents Ecotricity and likes cycling, climbing and watching cult movies.


What do We Ecotricity do?
We are the world's first green energy company with the focus of always doing the right thing. We offer services for the home, business, electric vehicle and so much more. My team is creating brilliant software to make Britain green (and we’re hiring!)

How long have you worked at Ecotricity / DeskLodge? 
I started working for Ecotricity 4 months after coming from the states so since September 2017. I think I started at very exciting timing with the company because I have been there since the opening of our Bristol office
What's your favourite thing about your job? 
As a developer, seeing the small things transform into complex projects with a larger purpose. I also really love it when I get stuck on something foreign to me. Once I understand it, I start to think about how a task can be transformed inside the project or into outside projects. 

What's your favourite thing about DeskLodge? 
The Desklodge staff are amazing and I think they do a great job making it have a collaborative and welcoming space. Love the events they host as well. 

What do you like to do in your spare time?  
I love long distance cycling and get into a state where my legs are only suppose to pedal in a loop. At some point, it would be great to cycle to other countries. Just got to keep practising when the weather permits.

What's your favourite film?
This is a bit of a funny question for me because I am notorious for falling asleep while watching films. But one I can keep my eyes open for is `The Warriors`. The fashion, the music, and the late 70's NYC grudge vibe is just entertaining.
Thanks Genesis, Good luck with the cycle practise! x

Keeping it sustainable

Here at DeskLodge Bristol, we strive to keep our business as sustainable as possible. To create our spaces we have sourced pre-loved furniture, charity shops and abandoned stage props over buying anything in new, we even have a meeting room named the Surf Shack made entirely of reclaimed wood. We source from local businesses putting money back into our city and lowering our carbon footprint on deliveries. We even use a local eco-cleaning company and distribute any waste through a local sustainable by a green waste recycling company.

surf shack.jpg

Our fourth floor is home to the Future Economy Centre, a hub for organisations working with low carbon goods and services, encouraging like-minded companies to collaborate and innovate together alongside DeskLodgers, Low Carbon South West.

We spoke to a couple of our big sustainability supporters and innovators here at DeskLodge, to find out what they do to promote sustainability and how DeskLodge helps their business.

“Low Carbon South West is a Community Interest Company (CIC) based in the Bristol-Bath hub, we support and promote the development of the low carbon sector throughout the South and West of England. Putting the community and the needs of our members and clients first we run networking, events and a range of initiatives and partnerships with businesses, organisations, local authorities and academia. Low Carbon South West has consistently supported organisations working in low carbon goods and services, encouraged additional businesses to realign their strategies, systems and processes to the low carbon sector and assisted businesses in increasing efficiency and environmentally friendly practises, as well as increasing their presence and impact in the region”.

floor 4 sweetshop.jpg

“Coworking spaces can allow businesses to grow flexibly within existing and often previously underutilised – office space, meaning that they don’t have to start with the purchase of essential necessary equipment or service contracts or consider fitting out new offices until they have grown beyond the boundaries the coworking space can fit. The additional level of shared facilities that places like DeskLodge have, such as video and phone booths, meeting spaces and superfast wifi, can also cut down on unnecessary waste and the central location also mean that there’s often less need to travel to do business, lowering the footprint of employees journeys and encouraging the use of public transport”.

Matt Tudge LCSW

matt tudge.jpg

“Here at Strategic Innovation, we have 15 people in our core team across many locations and using Desklodge as our hub is ideal. We use technology to connect with ourselves and our clients, and being located in Bristol City Centre, near Temple Meads is perfect for sustainable transport links when a screen is not enough. Looking forward, we’re keen to start socialising and networking with our fellow Desklodgers to see how we can help each other and really get the most out of co-working”.

“Strategic Innovation work with clients to deliver a positive and impactful innovation that makes a difference. An innovation isn't going to succeed, or last, if it isn’t sustainable. It needs to both make economic sense to our clients and to their end customers and provide a positive impact on society and the wider environment – and that is what we strive to deliver”.

Nick Haigh Strategic Innovation

If you are a sustainable business looking for office space with like-minded individuals or would like to attend one of our many sustainable events or even hold your own event here at DeskLodge then get in touch.



Strategic Innovations -


Holding Events At DeskLodge

Holding an event at DeskLodge gives you the opportunity to grow and network with DeskLodgers, new businesses, and like-minded people.

Our events come in all shapes and sizes from putting on mini pop up events from food stalls to Christmas markets, to helping charities to grow their awareness in our spaces and sponsoring workshops that also offer (often free) perks and advice to our residents, whilst promoting the company hosting the events too.

These types of events help to promote and support our residents and partners, whilst sharing our space with lots of new faces, who often end up joining us too and putting on their own events, as well as giving us that lovely glowing feeling that we have helped them in some way!

The best way to receive your own little piece of DeskLodge love is to get in touch with us! Use us as a platform to promote your events, share your latest news stories and get your name out there!

Share the love by promoting your event on social media too, by tagging DeskLodge and creating events on Eventbrite and Facebook, it all helps to make the most of the opportunities that are available to everyone, from established companies to a lone freelancer or startup. Don’t forget you can just use the good ol’ fashioned word of mouth to get more people to join the fun!

If you have an idea for an event from networking, meetups to workshops and advice sessions then get in touch, we have amazing spaces and a great platform to share your events and the DeskLodge love!


DeskLodge Of The Month - Basingstoke

James Belchamber from Opsfactory 

What does Opsfactory do?

I am a DevOps Transformation Consultant and Operations Engineer, which is a fancy way of saying that I consult on helping software developers and the people who deploy their software work together more effectively, and then work with them to do exactly that. It's really interesting if you're at all interested in software development, and anyone in DeskLodge is welcome to come ask me about it (when I've not got my headphones on, of course!). OpsFactory is the brand that I and another consultant use to Blog, release Videos and generally evangelise about what we do.

When did you start?

I've been doing this work for nearly four years now, but we set up OpsFactory in 2017. I've been working in DeskLodge since (before) it was open!

What do you enjoy most about your job?

I've always been a problem solver and a troubleshooter (typical SysAdmin), and what I love about DevOps is that I can apply these skills to people, too. DevOps is all about breaking down silos, getting people to work together instead of pitting departments against each other, and delivering little and often. It's very satisfying to see organisations work more effectively, with more satisfied employees, because of something you've done.

What’s your favourite thing about Desklodge?

DeskLodge is like having an office full of people even though I'm just a solo worker. I can have a chat with people over coffee, pick someone's brains when I'm stuck, then shut myself off from the world (in Narnia) when I need to focus. It has all the mod cons you'd expect from a Google-style office space, without having to actually work for a big company. I'm a big fan.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

In my spare time, I try to build the local tech community (The Basingstoke Tech Scene, which DeskLodge is kindly supporting). I'm also active politically (this year I'm running as a candidate for borough council!) and I have gotten into lifting some pretty heavy weights at Elite Bodyworks, an excellent local strongman gym. When I get some free time I cuddle my cat and play computer games.


DeskLodger Of The Month

DeskLodger of the Month
Paul Bailey from We Launch

Meet Paul the Strategy Director at We Launch and one of DeskLodge Bristol's long-standing hotdesk regulars. Paul likes to write a lot, running and was a keen boxer!

Paul Bailey.jpg

What do We Launch do?

Through strategy & design, we activate change by shaping tomorrow’s leading brands.
That’s the marketing line done, so what do we actually do... As an external brand specialist, we work closely with ambitious business leaders around the world to put the audience experience at the heart of their brand. We create ‘associated memorable moments’ that encourage attention, awareness and action from a target audience – helping achieve both short-term results and long-term, sustained commercial impact for a business.
We Launch were recently recognised in a leading brand award, the Transform Awards Europe 2018, for projects in three very different categories – British FencingThe Snaffling Pig Co, and Dr Ehrenstorfer – and are a Design Week Top 100 brand agency.

How long have you worked at We Launch / DeskLodge?

I’ve actually been working from DeskLodge pretty much since we moved to Bristol 2.5 years ago. Enterprise Nation was a client of mine and I came to an event they held here the first week we were in Bristol. It was handy timing really as I needed somewhere to work from, I had a chat with Jamie at the event and joined DeskLodge pretty much the next week. 
I’ve been Strategy Director at We Launch for 6 months now. As We Launch is a London agency I commute into London one day a week and work from Bristol the rest of the week. Prior to working at We Launch I founded my own brand and design agency (1977 Design), as well as working as a brand consultant under the Brand In Process name.

What's your favourite thing about your job?

As a brand strategist, a huge part of my role is to develop insight into a business or organisation that the people internally haven’t yet put their finger on. I spend a lot of time listening and researching, trying to get to the heart of what it is that makes a business and brand what it is. Being able to turn this into valuable insight, which then informs how we define and communicate the brand, is the favourite thing about the job. Sometimes a project might go on for a while, and you can sense a client is questioning what you’re doing. The look on people’s faces when you present their defined brand back to them, and they say something like "yes, that is us", is worth all the work.

What's your favourite thing about DeskLodge? 

The staff. No, this isn’t me sucking up to the staff, I genuinely think that the staff here make DeskLodge an extremely welcoming place, and set the tone. A co-working space is just a desk in a room if the staff don’t create an atmosphere that people will want to be in. 

What do you like to do in your spare time?

I have very little spare time – I have a 1 year old son. 
 I used to enjoy boxing, going to Bristol Boxing Gym, and some people may see that I still try and go for runs some lunchtimes from DeskLodge. In what little spare time I do have (normally the travelling to London once a week) I write on brand for Branding Strategy Insider and Design Week, and wrote for Creative Review on moving to Bristol

What did you do over Easter? 
Spent some quality time with my partner and son, enjoying watching him grow up (all too quickly).

Thanks Paul, you rock as a DeskLodger! 

The adventures of a DeskLodger!

DeskLodger newbie Fiona Quinn is an adventurer, she is a record-breaking stand-up paddle boarder and also runs the Adventure Book Club encouraging others to plan their own adventures. Find out more below......

Have you ever tried to stand up paddleboard (SUP) on the sea?

Imagine strong winds, huge swell and challenging tidal conditions, plus a 4-day sea crossing over to Ireland and you'll have an idea of what Fiona's got in store on her next adventure. 

This April she'll set off from Lands End and paddle 800 miles up the British coast and into the record books, to become the first and fastest person to SUP the length of Britain (no one has ever attempted this before). In doing so she'll also become the first woman to complete a length of Britain triathlon, having walked and cycled LEJOG last year.

As if 3 world records weren't enough, before she heads down to Cornwall Fiona took on the Three Lakes Challenge. Similar to the 3 Peaks, she paddled the length of the longest lakes in England, Scotland and Wales! 


If you follow Fiona on Instagram you’ll know that the pursuit of cake is usually at the forefront of her mind, but that doesn’t mean she’s one to shy away when the going gets tough.  Halfway through her 993 mile walk Fiona overcame tendinitis and 5 days off on crutches, then upped her daily mileage by 50% to cover 30 miles a day for 6 days straight in order to make up for the time off. 

When she's not adventuring Fiona runs Adventure Book Club, offering adventurous reads and a supportive community to help you plan your own adventures, and you'll often find her on the 5th floor at Desklodge. Having moved to Bristol just 10 weeks ago she chose Desklodge for it's social community and loves the chance to get to know more people locally.

If you'd like to get in touch with Fiona drop her an email or join her for a paddle at the weekend.

Narnia Opening

Step into Narnia at DeskLodge Basingstoke!

DeskLodge are so excited to share our fantastical Narnia quiet room at our Basingstoke location. There was a successful launch party where we had some drinks and nibble with awesome people to celebrate, as our founder Tom Ball unveiled the amazing space on the 7th March.

Narnia - As you step through the magical wardrobe doors, you enter another world of lions and quirky decor with one person workspaces and standing workstations to ensure you have a hideaway to create your best work.

This quiet zone is designed to maximise productivity when you need to work through the email inbox or some headspace from colleagues.  Seeing is believing so come on in and relive your childhood while you actually work.

Coworking Spaces In The South West – One Community

Desklodge Bristol has been moving from strength to strength as more people join us for coworking, hotdesking and networking events. Coworking has been received with open arms in Bristol and the surrounding areas and we are not alone in our vision of coworking spaces becoming the future for all workplaces.

Here are a few of the great coworking spaces in Bristol and the South West area, all offering similar ideas to help small businesses, start-ups and freelancers with each space still having their own unique coworking style, find your local coworking space and perhaps pop in to one of these other amazing spaces when you are in their local areas.

Raw Space

Raw Space are a new coworking space based on Gloucester Road, located above a row of the shops on the infamous, ‘longest road of independent shops in Europe’! With a number of different spaces, from hotdesking to comfy areas to lounge and relax, created for individual working styles. Raw Space like to get to know their coworkers, using their input and ideas to guide the space. They hold many events from mindfulness evenings, accounting courses, yoga classes and a running club!

111 Gloucester Road, Bristol, BS7 8AT

Redbrick House

In Bristol one of Bristol’s cultural quarters, Stokes Croft, you will find Redbrick House Coworking Space, as well as offering hotdesking and meeting spaces,  Redbrick’s niche is in the creative sector, with coworkers coming together in a  space for creatives from illustrators, photographers, animators, filmmakers, artists and craftsman. The centrally located space offers a relaxed and contemporary workspace with three floors of coworking, with both solitary and interactive working, open plan art studios. Redbrick House also offers fixed desks and creative meeting spaces.

York Court, 6 Wilder St, Bristol BS2 8QH

The Guild Bath

Centrally located in a historic area of Bath, this is a coworking space for both creatives and techies in the Bath area. The Guild is a vibrant has an exciting community of hotdeskers, it’s a real slick operation that is efficiently run, giving that coffee shop feel. The Guild encourage their members to run their own events, with perks that include free bike lockups, quirky meeting rooms and phone booths.

The Guild, High Street, Bath, BA1 5EB  

The Stable

Supporting freelancers and startups in tech, digital and creative fields, The Stable brings coworking to Weston-super-Mare. Based in a striking three-story redbrick building in Weston’s cultural quarter The Stable is within walking distance of the beach, parks and local cafes. The Stable offers hotdesking, offices and meeting rooms with an online directory that acts as a platform for all members encouraging people to network with other local businesses and beyond, encouraging members to run their own networking events and network with like-minded people.

3-6 Wadham Street, Weston-super-Mare, North Somerset, BS23 1JY

Spike Island

From fun table tennis tables, inspiring art exhibitions and their own café, Spike Island is the creative hub for Bristol artists and makers. Housed in a former tea packing factory, Spike Island is home to large gallery spaces with over 70 artists and 50 businesses including artists, photographers, journalists, filmmakers and designers. The coworking space offers support and collaborative opportunities to all their members with benefits that include free hire of their conference rooms to one on one support for your business.

133 Cumberland Road . Bristol BS1 6UX

We know we have missed some other awesome coworking spaces in the local and South West region. We will be blogging again on more super spaces very soon!