The Great DeskLodge Bake Off returns in support of Bristol Giving Day

Calling all bakers! Join the Great DeskLodge Bake Off 2019!

In support of Bristol Giving Day on Wednesday 9th October, DeskLodge Bristol will be throwing another Bake Off, this time at both Bristol locations!

Each participant/ expert baker pays £3 to enter and brings in their amazing baked treat to be judged in-house by our lovely DeskLodgers who will pay a £3 donation to eat unlimited amounts of cake!

All the money raised on the day will go to the Bristol Giving Day charity.

Bristol Giving Day is run by the Quartet Community Foundation who give grants to local charities and community groups, changing people’s lives by helping children living in poverty, adults with learning disabilities to survivors of domestic abuse and lonely elderly people. Bristol Giving Day was set up to encourage businesses across the city to get involved too

Last year’s Bake Off was so successful and featured lots of amazing cakes from Unicorns, colourful macaroons to secret family recipes and beautifully embellished scrumptious chocolate cakes. It was a great day, that just kept giving….so….much…..cake…

The Winning Cake from 2018

The Winning Cake from 2018

The winning cake from last year’s Bake Off. A Chocolate and caramel cake (smothered in caramel Swiss meringue buttercream with homemade honeycomb bites, covered in chocolate!) yes, it was as heavenly as it sounds, by Hayley Yates from Nudge Digital.

 To find out more about our Great DeskLodge Bake Off event come and have a chat with the DeskLodge staff and get your name on that Bake Off entry form!

Could you be this year’s DeskLodge Bake Off winner?

Get yourself signed up at the DeskLodge reception and get baking!! 

Find out what happened at last years Bake Off here


What Employee Recruitment Will Look Like In 20 Years - Guest Post -

A guest blog post by Ashley Lipman, Content marketing specialist.

Ashley Lipman is an award-winning writer who discovered her passion for providing knowledge to readers worldwide on topics closest to her heart - all things digital. Since her first high school award in Creative Writing, she continues to deliver awesome content through various niches touching the digital sphere.

Personnel Cargo

In twenty years, a man may live in a mobile apartment the size of a shipping container which he can move to many different countries. Imagine a hotel on the sea with a thousand “apartment” units connected together like Lego, shipped from Japan to the USA, and containing individuals on the working the whole time. How could such a thing be possible?

Well, consider decentralization. The Amazon cloud currently has well over a million individual servers networked together into its globe-spanning cloud. Cloud computing makes individual servers like pixels on your computer screen. Look close, and you’ll see little “squares” that have quotients of colour to them.

The computer controls what colors go where, and from a distance, you can see a picture. With the cloud, each server processes information. Where a computer may process a gigabyte in a minute, two do it in thirty seconds, four in fifteen, eight in seven and a half seconds, and by the time you get a hundred, time is diminished so substantially processing takes place almost instantaneously.

A million servers together are quite powerful, and Amazon’s cloud isn’t alone. What’s happened is that businesses are beginning to use the cloud to totally decentralize operations. You can cut out the cost of an office, cut out the cost of parking, cut out the cost of internal equipment, cut out the cost of maintenance, reduce costs pertaining to work tools and maintenance, and exponentially cut your baseline operational expenses.


Floating Infrastructure

Cloud computing allows you to “float” a desktop network, meaning all technology needs of your company require merely access credentials and trusted internet connections. This means an SMB could develop from a basement startup to a worldwide enterprise without the CEO ever moving from their basement.

BYOD, or Bring Your Own Device, allows remote employees to use equipment they already have to do work for your business. MDM, or Mobile Device Management, keeps everybody on the same page. Solutions like Clockspot make it possible to track employee hours remotely.

Additionally, you can monitor apps on the cloud as necessary. In terms of hiring, you can use solutions like applicant tracking software to consolidate and manage diverse employees from all over the globe. At you can get more information about softwares for recruiting and how to use them in the best possible way. Not only can you reduce equipment costs through technology, you can reduce personnel costs in areas such as HR.

All of these services combined together into a suite of hiring and management can act like the cloud does for tech. As individual “pixels” operating in concert on one “screen”. Accordingly, you can put up notices for specific tasks that can be taken piecemeal by qualified workers who find such notices on the web.


Freelancing Acquisition for Minor Tasks

It’s possible to make individual needs of your business freelance. You can get contract employees who “bid” on what you need help with, are competitively motivated to do the best the most quickly, and then wait on your word to work with them again. Now imagine hundreds of companies operating in such a capacity.

Suddenly, an employee with a basic education simply chooses what tasks they want to do for the day, how much money they want to make, then set their devices to finding such online task accomplishment opportunities. Employee recruitment in 2039 is probably not going to look anything like it does today.


The Convenience of Tech

Technology makes things too convenient. As offices are decentralized, residences will likewise become decentralized. If you don’t need to stay in a house to get money from your job, why would you? People are going to travel via motorhome more often, and on a permanent basis. All you need is remote internet or a coffee shop, and you’ve got steady income.

Still, not everyone drives. But there are “tiny homes” taking off like rockets in the night. These are basically the size of a shipping container or three put together. It’s possible today for an enterprising millennial to make a home of a shipping container, and send themselves around the world on cargo vessels.

All they’ve got to do is pay for the cargo and its transit. It isn’t legal in most places for people to travel like this, but as technology continuously reduces the size of the world, such lifestyles are going to develop. Will this characterize the workforce in 2039? It’s hard to tell. But what is definitely going to happen in the next twenty years will be a transition of operational paradigm.


Strange Futures

Where before, employees would be interviewed to determine a good corporate “fit”, today, this just isn’t necessary. All that’s necessary for most white-collar occupations is determining if a person can do the work necessary, and on-time. A simple test administered remotely via internet form is all that’s necessary for most positions of this kind.

Once the test is passed, a workforce can be made of part-timers, expanding operational surface area in terms of work completed on-time, and reducing legal responsibilities businesses have toward employees, allowing them to do more with less. Don’t be surprised if future recruitment involves piecemeal contracted jobs for non-management personnel.


First image -

 Second image -

DeskLodger of the month – Heather Cullimore

Meet Heather, manager at Severnside Community Rail Partnership, a Community Interest (not for profit) company, connecting communities with the rail industry and a resident fixed desker at DeskLodge Old Market. Heather loves to be outdoors, watch horse racing and held a Drag Queen Bingo event on a train!

Copy of Copy of DLOTM.png

What does Severnside Community Rail Partnership do?  

We work with local communities to encourage the use of local trains, ensuring the access to local stations is easy, and to enhance these stations, so they provide a safe and welcoming environment.  Our station improvement projects are delivered with the assistance of volunteers, schools, youth groups and the Community Payback scheme.  We organise rail familiarisation visits for schools and negotiate favourable ticketing schemes for school travel. 

We also host ‘On Train Events’ to promote local services and fund and support research to better understand the needs of passengers and of communities surrounding the railway.


How long have you been coming to Desklodge?

3 years. I have a fixed desk as does our Chairman.  We also have two members of the team hotdesking here.


What is your favourite thing about your job?

My role is incredibly varied, and I come into contact with a wide range of people, so no two days are the same.  There was an afternoon recently where I went from a three-hour West of England Combined Authority meeting about improving local stations to introducing a ‘Drag Queen Bingo on the Train’ event as part of an initiative to promote the local railway as being socially inclusive.  We are lucky that we have the scope to be innovative with our projects and this ensures our work reaches out to the diverse communities surrounding the railway. The street art mural at Montpelier station is another example of where we have pushed the boundaries to great effect.


What is your favourite thing about DeskLodge?

The friendly team and the coffee machine!


What do you do in your spare time?

I spend as much time as possible out of doors and can often be found watching horse racing.  I do all I can to support the ventures of my two children who are now young adults.


What is your favourite film?

True Romance


Thanks Heather – See you at the next Drag Queen Bingo Train event!



DeskLodger of the month – Jade Wicks

Meet Jade, CEO and founder at Ask an Artisan, a company that links artisan designers and makers with their customers, and a hotdesker at DeskLodge House.  Jade likes cooking, upcycling and wild swimming!

Desklodger of the month august Jade wicks .jpg

What does Ask an Artisan do?  

Ask an Artisan is a 3-pillar community connecting artisan designer-makers with customers. Comprising of an online artisan market, bespoke commissioning service and bookable workshops.


How long have you been coming to Desklodge?

Since August 2016. I started working as a marketing contractor for a startup that was based in DeskLodge Old Market and have since setup and launched two of my own businesses.


What is your favourite thing about your job?

I love the freedom, flexibility and autonomy of running my own business and getting to meet and work with incredibly inspiring and interesting people.


What is your favourite thing about DeskLodge?

The people - the people that DeskLodge attracts are my kind of people - honest, friendly and fun


What do you do in your spare time?

Experimental cooking, crafting, upcycling and getting out into the countryside (walking, wild swimming and picnicking) as often as possible


Thanks Jade – enjoy going wild in the country!




Mindfulness techniques to help productivity

Here at DeskLodge we are all about keeping you productive and inspired but there needs to be a balance.

High performers and generally productive people are often burning the candle at both ends, which can lead to problems physically, mentally and emotionally.

Did you know you can distract yourself and help your body relax by using simple mindfulness techniques?

Not sure how to start being more mindful and relaxed? Not got the time?

It may surprise you that there is always an opportunity to take time. From waiting at traffic lights to standing in a long queue, you can avoid these daily stresses of life. Instead of becoming impatient, take a moment, clear your mind, breathe and relax…..

You will feel those tensions leave your body, almost like letting your body and mind shut down for a second until it is your time to move on. Don’t sweat the small stuff. Be patient.

Practising these simple techniques below, for a few moments, can stop tension for the rest of the day, making you feel more relaxed and giving you a positive outlook on life.



 Take deep and controlled breaths, be aware of your body as you breathe, take a moment.

Like yoga practices, bring your attention to your body by noticing areas of tension and sending your breathe to these areas.



 Water is natures medicine, we need it to survive, if you are consuming more coffee than water this isn’t going to be good for your body or your mental health. Water can relieve headaches and pains that are often linked to dehydration. So, drink up!

eat healthy.jpg


We are all guilty of eating fast food and guzzling down snacks and lunch whilst working at our laptops. STOP! Close the laptop move away from your working space, better still, if you have a packed lunch, go outside.

Choose a quiet space and eat your food. Look at it, smell it, taste it and enjoy it. Notice the textures, flavours and temperatures of your food.

You are less likely to snack if you have taken time to notice and enjoy your meals, your brain remembers eating it and it will thank you for it.

Don’t forget to be thankful for your meal.



Take time to notice the world around you, listen to the sounds from the tapping of fingers on laptops to the birds singing. Really listen, it makes you feel present and will help you relax.

Be mindful to others and really listen to what they are saying and take in what they are saying to you.

relax meditate.jpg


Work on one task at a time.

When you eat just eat. When checking emails just check emails. When listening just listen.



Get out of the office or remove yourself from a stressful situation.

Take in the sights and sounds and feel your feet connecting with the ground.



Be aware of smells, tastes, what you touch, hear and see.

 Be present and notice the world around you.


Meditation is a perfect way to practice clearing your mind of all thought and stimulation for a moment, close your eyes, breath and relax.

be kind.jpg


Think of at least one positive thought each day, from a happy memory, a success from the day or even being thankful for that deliciously tasty cake you ate at lunch.





Read more on productivity here:

Productivity - The basics 

DeskLodge Company Profile - Vlog Series #3


We are really excited to share another vid from our vlog series on DeskLodge Customer Profiles.

We are happy to introduce one of our long-term residents from DeskLodge Old Market, who are now looking for a new hire - James Brown from Prodtex

Find out why Prodtex choose to work from DeskLodge, how they use our space & what keeps them productive in our Company Profile vid!

If you are a DeskLodger and would like to get your business featured in our Customer Profile Vlog series, please speak to and get involved!

Company Profiles - Bluebird Bio - Basingstoke

With an inspiring company story we chatted to DeskLodge Basingstoke residents bluebird bio about their goals to create genetic awareness and potentially lifesaving changes to the healthcare systems and how DeskLodge works for them.

Company profiles bluebird bio.jpg


What does your business do?

bluebird bio is a cell and gene therapy company. We are developing gene therapies for the treatment of severe, genetic rare diseases and cancer, with the goal that people facing potentially fatal conditions with limited treatment options can live their lives fully. Beyond our labs, we’re working to positively disrupt the healthcare system to create access, transparency and education so that gene therapy can become available to all those who can benefit.


How long have you been at DeskLodge Basingstoke?

bluebird bio set up shop at DeskLodge in November last year


How do you use our space?

We have a private office. This is our first office space in the UK.

We are headquartered in Cambridge, USA, and are expanding our presence in Europe.


Why did you choose DeskLodge and a coworking environment?

Given that bluebird bio is a global company, with six offices in Europe and three in the US, transport connections are key! Heathrow and London are only a stone’s throw away, catering for our need to easily connect with our central hub and global colleagues.

DeskLodge’s atmosphere and quirkiness matches the bluebird culture and mindset, making it an easy choice for us.


How does DeskLodge work for you and are there any successes?

Basingstoke has historical ties to the pharmaceutical industry, something that we see as important when attracting talent.


How has DeskLodge helped your business improve productivity?

We are still relatively new residents at Desklodge, but so far it has provided us with a friendly and welcoming atmosphere, and a flexible space where we can work collaboratively towards our business objectives. It is bluebird bio UK’s first home and has certainly provided us with a really effective base in which to carry out our UK operations.


What do you enjoy the most about working at DeskLodge Basingstoke?

The office is always buzzing with activity and there are always people around that make it a vibrant place to work. The staff and other residents are really approachable and always have such interesting stories to tell! The café downstairs and the funky meeting rooms all help to make this a fun working environment

DeskLodger of the month - Stig Telfer - StackHPC

Meet Stig, Co-founder and CTO at StackHPC a company that offers tech support to scientific research products made up from a collaboration of DeskLodge hotdeskers! Stig also has two kids and likes making and fixing things!

Copy of Copy of DLOTM.png

What does StackHPC do?

We help some major scientific research projects with some really ambitious computing challenges.


How long have you been coming to Desklodge?

A long time! I returned to freelancing in September 2015 and first came to DeskLodge shortly after that. Our firm is a DeskLodge home-grown product - we started here three and half years ago, and have thrived in the DeskLodge environment ever since.  Now we are approaching 15 people, but our centre of gravity is still in DeskLodge.


What is your favourite thing about your job?

Our team.  Some of the things this team achieves are world-beating.  We punch well above our weight in the projects we deliver.


What is your favourite thing about DeskLodge?

The buzz!  It’s a great place to work.  For a small team like ours, we’d be rattling around in an office suite by ourselves.  DeskLodge keeps us from feeling isolated.


What do you do in your spare time?

Ha! Well, I have two kids and my spare time tends to be spent filling their spare time, but when I get the chance I enjoy making things and fixing things.


What is you favour ice cream?

No doubt about this - blackcurrants and clotted cream!


Thanks Stig – enjoy the summer


DeskLodger of the Month – Kora Faithfull – Nudge Digital

Meet Kora, Account manager at the digital marketing agency and DeskLodge House residents Nudge Digital. In her spare time Kora is a make-up artist and gets involved with video and theatre production.

Kora DOTM house.jpg


What do Nudge Digital do?

Nudge is a digital agency that specialises in many areas of digital from website & app development to digital marketing campaigns. We have five teams, the entrepreneurs, the project managers, the strategists, the developers and the creatives. We need all five, or we'd just be another agency.


Nudge is your one-stop-shop. From concept to design from build to conversion optimisation. We cover user researching & testing, marketing and advertising campaigns for a range of social channels from LinkedIn to Instagram, for content creation and social strategy. But our bread and butter is websites & and web applications. We work with a range of clients and projects covering GDS government site, pharma companies, tech companies and startups. 


How long have you been coming to DeskLodge?

I have been coming to DeskLodge since November 2018! 


What is your favourite thing about your job?

My team! Everyone is always there to lend a hand and work together until the job is done.  We will help improve each other knowledge and skills. Therefore, everyone is ever-growing, succeeding and pushing Nudge to bigger and better places. Also with a nicely stocked drinks fridge - Friday afternoons become a whole lot easier!


What is your favourite thing about DeskLodge?

The people, the creativity and the overall vibe! The building is literally bursting with creativity, which allows you to be able to think more creatively within your work and find those WOW ideas. People here give you the ability to start a conversation on random things, but it can be so refreshing. Even getting a little smile can help make a crappy day feel brighter!


What do you do in your spare time?

Oh, the usual, being a spy for MI5, performing open-heart surgery. You know same old, same old. But in all seriousness on weekends, I tend to do either freelance bridal make-up. Or work with a group of friends on producing film and video production and theatre shows. 


Who is your biggest celebrity crush?

It’s like Sophie choice! I CAN’T decide there are just so many! But if I had to pick one, I would say Chris Hemsworth maybe or Jason Momoa. Wait no! Urgh, I don’t know! I don’t want to choose. 


Thanks Kora – Good luck with your spy work!

DeskLodger of the Month - Alistair Tripp - Glassboxx

Meet Alistair, partnership director at Glassboxx for the web development and publishing company, Firsty group and a hotdesker at DeskLodge Basingstoke. Alistair likes walking the dogs, motorbiking and paragliding!

alistair tripp dotm august 2019.jpg

What do Glassboxx do?

Glassboxx is a product of Firsty Group. It is a new solution that publishers can bolt-on to their website to enable them to sell their eBooks and audiobooks directly to consumers.


.How long have you been coming to DeskLodge?

12 months


What is your favourite thing about your job?

I am responsible for promoting a product which has huge potential. It’s taken several years to develop and a considerable amount of investment, but we now have a ground-breaking solution which has potential to be adopted by thousands of publishers and hundreds of thousands of authors across the world.


What is your favourite thing about DeskLodge?

It’s very friendly and relaxed environment to work in. I’m based in our Newbury office two days a week but find that I can’t work on my own at home, so DeskLodge is a very cost effective alternative.


What do you do in your spare time?

Lots of socialising, I go to the gym two or three times a week, walk the dogs, go motorbiking most weekends, maintain a big garden. I also like reading, playing golf, skiing, travelling, and hold my paragliding licence. My next challenge is to fly gyrocopters having been influenced by James Ketchell, another DeskLodge user currently flying around the world!


Tell us something funny or unusual about yourself.

I had never broken a bone until I was forty, but then it all changed. Since then I have broken my ankle twice, pelvis, a couple of ribs and two fingers. Along with a couple of other illnesses, I’ve certainly had my monies worth out of the NHS and have total respect for the service and people who work there!


Thanks Alistair and stay safe!