Private offices, coworking space & meeting rooms
in Bristol & Basingstoke

We’re a welcoming home to start-ups, growing businesses, freelancers or anyone needing some inspiration and a change from your regular workplace.

We offer customisable private offices, fixed desks, hotdesking and plenty of meeting rooms at all of our spaces.

We thrive off providing workspaces that help you maximise productivity, attract the best talent to your team, and that place you in a positive workplace community and culture.

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Our Story

Building fun, creative workspaces that inspire and motivate people to do their best work – surrounded by like-minded people – has always been at the heart of what we do. Every DeskLodge is designed and crafted with love, care and impeccable attention to detail making it as unique, interesting and inspiring as its members. Our amazing team is like no other – creating and supporting this unique magical workspace and a culture that attracts and nurtures the most creative minds from the cities in which DeskLodge calls home.

Tom Ball - Founder

Our Values

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Our Community

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Our Members Say