We offer a variety of memberships to give our members flexibility, ability to scale up or down, and keeping it hassle free and easy to manage. Prices may vary from location.


From £3 an hour, £20 a day. Membership options from £10-£150 per month. Learn More

Fixed desks

Take your own dedicated desk or multiple desks for a team. From £200 per desk.

Private Offices

Your private space to set base, thrive and grow. From £250 per desk.

Note - To start a fixed desk/private office membership you must speak to a member of the team.

All prices displayed are ex vat.

Whats on offer

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opening hours

Hotdesking all sites - Monday to Friday 8.30am-6.00pm

Residents will have extended access, speak to a team member at your location for details.

meeting rooms and events space

Each location will have a mix of meeting rooms, all designed with a quirky and fun theme.

Note - Please ensure correct location is selected.