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We All Have Something Worth Saying

  • DeskLodge House " Redcliffe Way Bristol BS1 6NL (map)


Meet & Speak Clubs are a supportive space for women to take to their feet and find their voice.

The team at Ted believe that anyone who has an idea worth sharing is capable of giving a powerful talk. We second that. We want to listen to a genuine person sharing what they’re passionate about. So what lights your fire? If you had to spend the next three years talking about just one topic, what would you chose?

We work together to discover what we know that is worth talking about?

From focusing on what we say, we turn to how we say it.

Most of us hate the sound of our own voice, do you think you sound like Mickey (or Minnie) Mouse or have what Mary Portas calls ‘goat voice’?

But does our voice affect how people view us? Do people really make judgements about our potential, competence and confidence based on the sound of our voices?

We tackle the issue head on by recording ourselves talking and then we look at how actors and speakers use their voices and learn and practice some simple vocal training hacks and exercises to help us.

To cover our costs there will be a small charge of £10 per workshop (£5 for students), payable on the night. But, in line with Women's Tech Hub, we will be offering one free place at each workshop for the unwaged. Please message us if you are interested in coming along but for any reason can't afford to pay.