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Culture: How to build a winning culture as you scale

  • DeskLodge House Redcliffe Way Bristol BS1 6NL (map)

You are invited to an intimate lunch with Bretton Putter and other leaders of growing businesses to discuss the impact of culture on growth.

Building a culture that scales relies on a strong set of clearly articulated values. As you scale, your company starts to move away from a set of talented individuals and into groups of talented individuals, who have shared assumptions with which to solve problems. As a founder, your reliance on your team’s ability to make decisions when you’re out of the room can be the difference between success and failure.

As your company develops, so will your culture. Codifying your culture will not only provide your team with tools for decision making. It will ensure you thrive in new markets and help you attract and hire top talent.

In this session, Brett will share the unique approaches he has developed for building a strong culture. You’ll walk away with:

  • Practical tools to clearly articulate your values - translating your vision and mission from words into actions.

  • A framework for values based hiring and decision making, so that your team can begin to live your company values.

Bio: Brett Putter is a leading expert on startup and high-growth company culture. He is the founder & CEO of CultureGene, a company culture consultancy helping early stage and high-growth technology companies to prepare for and execute at scale. Before founding CultureGene, he spent 16 years as the Managing Partner of a London based executive search firm where he successfully helped over 400 startup and high-growth companies expand their senior management teams in the UK, across the EU and US. Brett published Culture Decks Decoded (November 2018) and is publishing his second book The Culture Gene: Leadership and Culture Development Lessons from High-growth Companies in Q2 2019. He is a board member of Runway East and is an investor in Seedcamp funds I,II, IlI & IV.

“Culture is how your team knows what decisions to take when you’re not in the room”.

Brian Halligan, CEO, HubSpot

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