Bristol Giving Day - The Great DeskLodge Bake Off

We were so impressed with the entries for our Great DeskLodge Bake Off which saw DeskLodgers bringing in their culinary baked masterpieces to raise money for Bristol Giving Day


Lots of DeskLodgers got involved bringing in unicorn shaped cakes, colourful macaroons, layer cakes, Guinness cakes and cheesecakes to Grandma’s Chocie Cake (made from a loved family recipe).

Desklodge bristol giving day.png

The initial idea came from DeskLodger Rob Eveleigh who told us about the Bristol Giving Day charity and how we could get involved, one of his ideas was a cake sale and the Great DeskLodge Bake Off idea grew from there.


Knowing how well our lovely DeskLodgers respond to charity events, following a very successful Gromit Challenge, we just had to get involved with Bristol Giving Day.

The Bristol Giving Day is a day to spread generosity across Bristol through fun charity events fundraising to support local community causes from women’s refugee groups, organizing trips out of the city for inner city kids to supporting people with mental problems and isolated older people in our communities.


With donations also going to the HPC Bristol Community Fund who support disadvantaged young people with education and training opportunities to the Bristol City Funds ‘No child goes hungry’ campaign or even contributing to Bristol Giving Day with your own charity-based groups and ideas. All money raised goes to supporting our community to help everyone thrive in our ever-growing and successful city!


Bristol Giving Day is run by the Quartet Community Foundation who bring together like-minded people who want to improve and support their local community. 

On Wednesday 10th October, dressed up in our Bristol Giving Day t-shirts, the Bristol DeskLodge team held the Great DeskLodge Bake Off event. Each baker donated money to enter the competition and all DeskLodgers were invited along to become part of our judging team at £2 a pop, tasting the fabulous cakes and judging them on both creative appearance and most importantly, taste!


We also welcomed along BBC Coast presenter Miranda Restovonikoff, who joined us for some guest cake judging alongside the Quartet Community Foundation team. It was great to meet Miranda and the team behind Bristol Giving Day.


Following the cake fest that was the Great DeskLodge Bake Off judging event and a few extremely over-excited sugar rushes and the inevitable sugar crash (hey, don’t judge, there were a lot of cakes to taste) we found our first ever Great DeskLodge Bake Off winner, drumroll please……….


For her amazing and truly scrumptious Chocolate and caramel cake (smothered in caramel Swiss meringue buttercream with homemade honeycomb bites, covered in chocolate!) yes, it was as heavenly as it sounds – Hayley Yates from Nudge Digital took first place!

The winning bake off cake.PNG

Coming in at a close second with her gorgeous and super sweet cream filled layer cake tower was Hannah Grenfell from Sparkol! Well done ladies!


It was so great to see so many DeskLodgers getting involved whether as bakers or judges and we are very proud to say that we managed to raise £257.27 for Bristol Giving Day! Go DeskLodge!

BGD Bake off prize giving.jpeg

We would also like to give a great big thanks to local cake makers Deocraft who kindly donated an amazing cake with an edible image of the Bristol Suspension Bridge and balloons with a layered velvet and lemon sponge and beautifully piped cream! Our DeskLodgers have really enjoyed the cake and donated even more money for Bristol Giving Day! Well done Bristol!


DeskLodger of the Month - Bristol - October

Chris Lock  - a Freelance Application Developer

Meet Chris, who is a hotdesker at DeskLodge. Chris likes to play board games, is an improv performer, a writer and is a self confessed Geek! 

chris lock.jpg

What do you do as an Application Developer?
I mostly work on contracts for companies who need help with whatever their current goal is. I do this mostly with web technologies like PHP and Javascript. Currently, I'm working for a Financial Tech company based near Frome, who are currently integrating their tech with a much larger firm who allow me to work remotely from time to time.

What's your favourite thing about your job? 
It allows me to be creative and satisfies my engineering biased mind. Being a contractor I also get a lot of flexibility, but with that comes the uncertainty of having a job for any length of time.

What's your favourite thing about DeskLodge? 
It gives me a space that I can have no distractions and just get on with stuff. The people who run the place are awesome, they have tea and are based 15 minutes cycle from my house. I've been coming here since 2016.

What do you like to do in your spare time?  
Quite a bit...
I write articles for a website GeekOutSW that is also a meetup group. They meet once a month, play board games and basically get to "Geek Out" amongst other geeks. No judgement, no expectations, just a safe space for geeks to be geeks.
 I am an active member of the Bristol Improv scene and you might also see me doing random poetry nights and generally trying to get on stage. 
I  love board games! I write reviews about them and I'm actually trying to design a card game with a friend of mine.
My new project is due to launch (officially) at the end of September 2018. I am starting a Podcast called Rough Sketch the aim is to merge the world of Improv and the Artist sketchbook together and ask artists to create something with someone who can't draw.

Trick or Treat?
Can't I have both?

 Thanks Chris, good luck with the new project!

DeskLodge Basingstoke - A small slice of the story so far

The story so far in Basingstoke…..

DeskLodge has been here in Basingstoke for around 18 months! As always we had an initial plan for our build, and then have continued to build and add more to our creative workspace.

Set along a silicon suburb coming out of London, Basingstoke is regularly coming up top in quality of life rankings, has a lively tech scene and an emerging start-up community.  Basingstoke punches well above its weight in Tech Nation’s Report 2018 ranking 4th in the UK for digital density and 5th for digital productivity (£256,000 per year per employee in tech)– oh yes well above Reading, Southampton and many others!   

We are so proud of all of the lovely businesses, freelancers and drop in members that have used our space since we’ve been here - making DeskLodge BSK an exciting and productive environment to be in.

This year has seen many fun events including the fun filled Secret Art Basingstoke, to regular meet ups from 5G to our weekly Yoga sessions with Yogana Flow, you are all the pulse of DeskLodge BSK and we look forward to another exciting year of bringing fun coworking spaces and networking events to Basingstoke!

Before and after

We would like to share a few before and after images of the DeskLodge Basingstoke space to show you just how far we have come and how we create our amazing spaces! And there’s more to come.


We're growing – 6 floors of DeskLodge awesomeness in central Bristol

DeskLodge Expansion In Bristol

We are very excited to announce that we have taken on our first whole building venture, which shall be known as the mighty - DeskLodge House. Situated on Redcliffe Way in Bristol, DeskLodge House is a only 3-minute walk from Temple Meads Station making it ideal if you’re a regular commuter!   

Coworking Space Of The Year Winners!

DeskLodge has been providing freelancers, contractors, SME’s and anyone who wants to work somewhere different, with coworking, private offices, meeting rooms and event spaces in Temple Way in Bristol city centre since the summer of 2015. This has been super successful and so well received. We have had great fun meeting lots of amazing and influential people, who have inspired us along the way too. Since arriving in Bristol we have also won the best coworking space of the year award.

Rise In Tech And Demand For Office Space In Bristol

Due to the high demand for space at DeskLodge and keeping up with the fast rise in Bristol’s tech and creative scene, the desirability of the city and the rise in people moving from London to Bristol - as one of the best places to work and coolest place to live -  the demand was higher than ever for flexible, creative space.

We needed to grow to meet with the demand for office and coworking spaces in Bristol and just had to take up the opportunity to take on and build on our vision with DeskLodge House.

Read more success stories of ours here,

Top 50 coolest offices in the word – source The Telegraph

Productivity Hot Spot – source ThinkProductive

It’s Here - DeskLodge House, Our Biggest Project Yet

DLH, as it’s known, will have plenty of the famous quirky DeskLodge décor, with lots of amazing spaces spread over six floors of DeskLodge splendour! We will still offer our fantastic flexible memberships, hotdesking, fixed desking, private offices, meeting rooms, host events and meet ups and generally making DLH a great place for people to network and socialise.


There will be enough room for everyone from large businesses, freelancers to start ups and hotdeskers, who are looking for a new place to be awesome,  and insanely productive. DeskLodge attracts talent, people want to work from an inspiring place and we want more of it!

Book A Tour And Be One Of Our VIP DeskLodgers

We expect our first Desklodgers to be with us in November which is really exciting! There will be some super early bird offers to take up. And……for all of our current DeskLodgers, yes, of course, there will be an infamous Desklodge party to look forward to. Some sneak peek pics below.

So why DeskLodge?

DeskLodge was built to meet the demand in cities for coworking spaces. We have created positive work spaces and a new culture with our quirky décor and unique spaces offering contemporary teams the opportunity to move around the spaces and use them their own way, there is no structure, no stuffy office, people are happy to come to work at DeskLodge, it’s infectious!

We’re a laid back, modern and non-corporate space, you don’t have to book any spaces in our collaborative hubs, you are free to use the space as you need to. Whether it’s a casual team meeting, important conference calls or just a quiet space to knuckle down, everyone is catered for.

The home from home feel mixed with the creative vibe offers you a chance to meet new people and take time out with perks including free fruit, massages, yoga and even an art club, there is always a buzz at DeskLodge and that’s what makes us unique. With so many options you get to decide how our space can work for you, every single day!

DeskLodge helps to build collaborations between entrepreneurs and ideas people who, until discovering our coworking communities, didn’t have the opportunity to meet like-minded people to collaborate with! Our DeskLodgers influence each other and help inspire you to make your dreams a reality. By connecting people and encouraging them to share skills and ideas DeskLodge have created a space for productive and friendly communities of influential people, to bounce ideas off of each other and help to solve problems, build their business and to reach their goals. It’s inspiring stuff!

See you soon!

DeskLodge Cloud Logo.png

The Great DeskLodge Bake Off

Calling all bakers! Join the Great DeskLodge Bake Off!

In support of Bristol Giving Day on 10th October, DeskLodge will be throwing a Bake Off.

Each participant/ expert baker pays £5 to enter and brings in their amazing baked treat for judging on Weds 10th October!

bake off.png

All of you lovely DeskLodgers will be the judges, paying £2 to eat the wonderful cake and vote for their favourites on the day, in a Yummy cake filled social event to find our first ever DeskLodge Bake off winner!


All the money raised on the day will go to the Bristol Just Giving Day charity event.

bake off 2.jpg

 Bristol Giving Day is run by the Quartet Community Foundation who give grants to local charities and community groups, helping to change peoples lives from helping children living in poverty, adults with learning disabilities to servivors of domestic abuse and loney elderly people. Bristol Giving Day was set up to encourage businesses across the city to get involved too!

bake off 3.jpg

 To find out more about our Great DeskLodge Bake Off event come and have a chat with the DeskLodge staff and get your name on that Bake Off entry form!


Could you be our first ever DeskLodge Bake Off winner?


All the money raised will go to the Bristol Just Giving Day charity.

So get yourself signed up at the DeskLodge reception and get baking!

DeskLodge Summer Social Recap!

Festival Vibes at the DeskLodge End of the Summer party


It’s that time of year again, when they nights draw in and the temperatures drop but our DeskLodger’s have been working hard and are ready to party!

The DeskLodge ‘End of the Summer Social’ is becoming an annual event where we celebrate a productive year with lots of fun, drinks, great people and this year……a fancy dress box.

Each year we choose a fun theme, last year it was a Hawaiian Surf vibe and this year it was all about Festival style!

Desklodge social festival facepaint.png

DeskLodger’s embraced the festival vibes and got glittered up by Bristol’s finest festival glitterati crew The Fashpack which got everyone in the mood to take advantage of that fun-filled fancy dress box that had been flung open in our festival style, decorated Oak Tree space.

The drinks were flowing and the DeskLodgers paraded about in an array of psychedelic lycra garms, kimonos, oversized pantomime dame dresses and Nacho Libre outfits, networking and meeting new friends.

The DeskLodge socials give our members a chance to meet and socialise with new people that they wouldn’t necessarily have in their friendship groups outside of work. Our socials are inclusive and we have had people collaborate and even move in together following meetings at our DeskLodge socials, it’s not just about the drinks…..although they do flow rather well!

Desklodge end of summer social .jpg

This was a busy week at DeskLodge Bristol as we had just announced the winners of our DeskLodge Gromit Challenge and took the opportunity, whilst we had a gathering of DeskLodgers, to present the awards to the winners.

Just as we were considering moving on from the Oak Tree space to pub crawl Bristol’s King Street, a surprise six rails of extra fancy dress arrived courtesy of a very excited, Tom Ball, (who had purchased them from a fancy dress shop that day!) which instantly attracted the, by now, very merry DeskLodgers.

With new outfits ranging from Sherlock Holmes, Austin Powers, Peppa Pig and the Pink Ladies from Grease, you can add an extra hour of dressing up in before we finally got on with the Kings Street pub crawl!

Desklodge summer social desklodgers.jpg

It was an amazing night had by all and the DeskLodge End of the Summer pub crawl is always legendary, we are so happy with how many DeskLodger’s got involved this year and would like too thanks them for being totally amazing!


For those of you interested in attending a future DeskLodge Social, all you need to do is be a member of DeskLodge and join us on the last Thursday or every month. The next DeskLodge Social will be on Thursday 25th October, and by our calculations, that means it must be a DeskLodge Halloween special? Why not!

Desklodge pub crawl summer 2018.jpg


DeskLodger of the Month - Bristol - September

Dan Simmonds from Omobono

Meet Dan, who is a video and motion designer with DeskLodge residents Omobono. Dan likes to DJ, binge watch TV series and is currently planning his wedding!  

DOTM Dan Sommonds omobono.jpg

What do Omobono do?
I work in the Bristol office of Omobono – we’re a creative and technology agency for global business brands. We’ve got offices in Bristol, London, Cambridge, Dubai and Chicago. We do loads of great work for big businesses across the spectrum of digital, design, strategy and technology - my role is working in the creative team as a video & motion designer – I’m all about making stuff move.

How long have you worked at Omobono/DeskLodge? 
I’ve been working at Omobono for about 4 years now, and we’ve been in DeskLodge for nearly 3 years I think! We previously were in an office near the fountains and the hippodrome before we levelled up to DeskLodge. As we occasionally have people remote work away from our office, it’s great to be in a lively environment – and the spaces for team chats and client calls are very useful!

What's your favourite thing about your job? 
Working with people who are supremely talented and boss it in their roles, and generally creating stuff to (hopefully) wow clients. I have a constant itch to create cool stuff and also I learn new things all the time – for example I’m currently stepping into the 3rd dimension – trying to grapple the daunting land of 3D animation!

What's your favourite thing about DeskLodge? 
How close it is to my flat! Everyone is jealous of my 1 minute walk into work. Also, the people and fruit Wednesdays are pretty great

What do you like to do in your spare time?  
At the moment all my free time is devoted to planning my wedding in September - a particular highlight is making all the poor Desklodge staff walk across Desklodge to our office every day with never-ending packages of bunting/materials/bamboo screening/cutlery and other oddly shaped boxes! (sorry!)
Other than binge watching tv series I used to be into DJ’ing a lot – playing around my hometown of Worcester, Bristol and Birmingham and more – might pick it up again one day!

What’s your favourite tea or coffee?
Straight up builders brew tea – over milking is a sin and coffee still tastes weird to my child like tastebuds.

 Thanks Dan, have an amazing wedding! 

A Grand Summer Out with the DeskLodge Gromit Challenge       

We are so impressed with how many DeskLodgers joined in with the DeskLodge Gromit Challenge as part of the Grand Appeal for #gromitunleashed2 this summer!

We saw DeskLodger’s taking super cute selfies over this glorious summer with their kids, a quick stop selfie on bike rides home and a crafty snap on their lunch breaks, with the Gromit Unleashed 2 characters scattered around Bristol, either as part of a team or as lone competitors.

gromit 22 aug .jpg

DeskLodgers really got into the spirit of it with the main drive being to win money for their chosen charities! It was neck and neck at one point between DeskLodge resident teams from Quadrotech and Sparkol, who were battling for the prize of £250 towards their chosen charities or indeed to the Grand Appeal itself.

Gromit challenge 9 aug .png

The selfies kept rolling in and  the last week in August saw a group of DeskLodge coworkers collaborate to join the challenge. Team Freddie entered to win a donation towards the Freddie Dobson-Evans, Just giving page. Read more on Freddies story below..

Team Freddie.PNG

With six days to go Team Quadrotech threw down the gauntlet to Team Sparkol and Team Freddie, graciously admitting defeat and declaring “it’s been cracking!”. With DeskLodger Robin (from Somo) one of our lone entries who, alongside his family, took part in his own Gromit trail crusade adding “I may not have got all 67 sculptures in time but it’s been fun trying”.

quadrotech desklodge gromit challenge.PNG

With the deadline for the DeskLodge Gromit Challenge looming the teams became desperate to get their final selfies with the trickiest sculpture on the trail, that nearly defeated them all, the dreaded Puxton Park Gromit!

All finalists managed to bag themselves a Puxton Park Gromit selfie in the end, including Team Sparkol, even if it did take them two trips (on one occassion Puxton Park was closed) to get the shot and another entry, (who will remain nameless) may even of jumped over the fence to get their penultimate Gromit selfie.

Over the last few days the selfies kept coming in to our #instachallenge and just as we thought we may have two clear finalists, from nowhere came Tom Barrett (@tomhb0) from Blu Wirelesss, who in one post shared all 67 of his Gromit challenge selfies in the final hour, with a shocking 57 of the selfies taken in one long day! We were flabbergasted here at DeskLodge!

Tom Barrett Desklodge gromit challenge.PNG

“It was great to get out to parts of Bristol we wouldn’t normally see. It’s amazing seeing how different each sculpture is and how many talented creatives there are in the city”. Tom Barrett – Blu Wireless

In conclusion, we have been so impressed with the amount of effort that has been put into our first ever insta challenge by our amazing DeskLodgers, these colourful and fun selfies have made our summer!

So, who won?

We are pleased to announce that the team that managed to collect all of the Gromit Unleashed selfies first was……..drumroll please……….Team Sparkol!

sparkol win.jpg

A massive congratulations to them for taking on the challenge with such enthusiasm, in what became a bit if a team bonding exercise with so many of the Sparkol office getting involved! Sparkol have won £250 towards their chosen charity the Grand Appeal which was a charity very close to their hearts.

“Thanks DeskLodge for organising the Gromit Challenge. The Sparkol team got behind it with enormous enthusiasm...we love to support a good cause and this was an incredibly fun way to raise some cash.

The guys really embraced the challenge and pulled together to successfully zap and ‘selfie’ every Gromit. It was a fabulous team building exercise which generated an awesome buzz and brought everyone together during what can be a quiet time in the office. 

All that on top of £750 going to the Grand Appeal. What a result!” Zoe Taylor - Sparkol

gromit challenge 15 aug.jpg

DeskLodge were so impressed with the selfies and the extra two entries that managed to get all 67 sculptures that we decided to offer a joint second place prize to the last-minute entries from Tom Barrett and his chosen charity St Johns Hospice and to Team Freddie for the Freddie Dobinson-Evans Just Giving page. Both entries have won a £100 donation to their charities! Well done!

Thank you to everyone who joined in with the DeskLodge Gromit Challenge as part of the Gromit Unleashed 2 trail. It has just been amazing and we have loved every exciting minute of it!

It’s been a grand day out Gromit!

DeskLodger of the Month - Basingstoke - September

Jasbinder Gill an Independent IT Contractor


What does your business do? 

I am an Independent IT Contractor, working mainly as a Solutions Architect, in mobile banking and finance. I help to articulate users requirements\needs into a design, and work with various software development teams to build and release the end product. 

How long have you been doing it? How long have you been at Desklodge? 

I've been working in software development for around 20+ years, and have worked as a Solution Architect for 10+ years.

I've been at Desklodge for approximately one month now.

What’s your favourite thing about your job? 

I like the multifaceted aspect of my job. Having to take an idea or requirement, and design the system, taking into account areas which on the surface may not seem obvious, such as security (how to prevent the software from being hacked), how the system is to be deployed, and strategies to deal with fail over, as well as any regulatory requirements.  

What’s your favourite thing about Desklodge?

I like the variety at Desklodge, I enjoy the decor, it gives me something different to look at when taking a break from my laptop. I've also got to meet some interesting people, who I probably would never had met, had I not joined. Just as importantly, I'm productive, its a nice, pleasant environment to work in.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

I enjoy running, but do not get to run as much as I'd like to. Also enjoy playing squash and spending time with my family. I'm learning to create online animation, although at a particularly slow pace. 

DeskLodger of the Month - Bristol - August

DeskLodger of the Month
Emma Gorton-Ellicott from DeskLodge

emma awesome edit.jpg

Meet Emma, who is a DeskLodge Host and writes our blogs. Emma is also our resident fashionista, a blogger and a musician to name a few things!

What do you do at DeskLodge?
I am one of the DeskLodge Hosts and have slowly got more involved with building our social media presence, promoting all of our events, spaces and the lovely DeskLodgers. I also write many of the blog posts and the monthly newsletter. I’m the annoying one following you around taking photos of what you are doing! As a host, I tour DeskLodge newbies, help run the main reception, fill the coffee machine and generally hang out making sure everything is amazing for all of our DeskLodgers. 

How long have you worked at DeskLodge? 
I’ve been at DeskLodge since November 2016

What's your favourite thing about your job? 
I love touring newbies around DeskLodge for their first time and seeing their faces light up as they wonder round our unique space, it's exciting for them and I like the element of surprise. I also enjoy the DeskLodge socials and have made some great friends here.

What's your favourite thing about DeskLodge? 
I love meeting so many amazing people each week and being able to work in such a fun environment, I am anti-corporate so this suits me just fine. The DeskLodge Team are a unique bunch and that reflects DeskLodge and what we stand for. 

What do you like to do in your spare time?  
Oh my goodness! I really like to cram stuff into my life! I work part-time at DeskLodge as I am also the Fashion Editor at Bristol 24/7 magazine, I write a fashion blog called No Debutante, I am a DJ at my club night Bang - which has been running in Bristol for 15 years, I am a singer/songwriter in the band Mono Dots, I am a fashion designer and have a label in progress named Fruit Salad AND I have three kids. So, not much on really….

Where is your favourite place outside of Desklodge?
I love to camp and recently we (me and the fam) have been going to The Gower a lot so we can go bodyboarding too. It’s a great escapism. If I can’t go camping and bodyboarding, I hide (from the fam) in my loft room with all the windows open for some peace and quiet, but they usually find me. 

 Thanks Emma, enjoy some camping and peace and quite in the wild!