Combating loneliness in the workplace

Coworking is a great way to get you out of the home office or the cafes and into an environment where you can network and socialise with other coworkers. However just because you have made it to the coworking space many people still find it hard to socialise or even just start up a conversation with other people.

At DeskLodge Bristol we have considered how lonely working alone can be and have tried to add many open spaces where you can work alongside coworkers, prepare and eat food together with a chance to network and socialise. We also hold The DeskLodge Social on the last Thursday of every month, where DeskLodgers can let their hair down and have a well-deserved drink, a good laugh and meet different people that they don’t necessarily have in their own peer groups out of work and make strong bonds with them.

DeskLodge Bristol - 150 - 2318 mikekear.com.jpg

We want to make our spaces a home from home, we want you to feel comfortable and at ease and most importantly welcome. As we said earlier many people still find it hard to start up conversations and perhaps feel like an outsider when in fact everyone, especially people who are not working in a team, feel the same way too, at first.

Here at DeskLodge we are very proud of how many of our DeskLodgers successfully interact, network and socialise with each other and how welcoming they are to DeskLodge newbies. Our hosts chat with people, introduce them to new people and make them feel at happy from the day they start. Some people do prefer to keep themselves to themselves and we respect everyone’s privacy, however, don’t presume they are doing this as they want to be left alone. It could be as easy as saying good morning or asking them how they are doing.

Simple gestures can make people feel less lonely in the workplace and at coworking spaces, it can also increase productivity, inspire you and give you a lovely warm feeling inside.


Read this inspiring article from one of our favourite coworking bloggers Cat Johnson



January DeskLodge Of The Month

Siobhan Knight from DeskLodge


Meet Siobhan, who has recently joined the DeskLodge team as the Assistant Centre Manager! Siobhan enjoys country walks and is a Pilates lover!

What do you do at DeskLodge?
Assistant Centre Manager for DeskLodge Bristol

What’s the favourite thing about your job so far?
The welcoming community and getting to know Desklodgers from all the different companies.

Where’s your favourite space at DeskLodge?
Grandma's House - definitely the cosiest meeting room ever seen!

What do you like to do in your spare time?
Going for walks in the countryside.

What was the best Christmas present you ever got?
Skiing lessons

Have you made a new years resolutions for

To learn to play the Cello again.

Thanks Siobhan, Happy New Year and good luck with
the cello practice xx

A Review Of 2017 At DeskLodge - We Can't Wait For More Fun In 2018

January saw the DeskLodge builders starting work on our very popular, one-person pods which are now full with a mix of people using them! We had many successful and busy events including Enterprise Nations Start Up 2017 event and celebrated Chinese New Year with Make it China who moved into our newly built China Town which is now home to our resident's Performance In.


In February we introduced Members Perks for our DeskLodgers with deals and discounts in collaboration with local independent companies local to us from cafes, bike shops to the gym. We also introduced DeskLodger of The Month into our newsletter and social media platforms to celebrate all the great people who join us each week at DeskLodge. Our first ever DeskLodger of the Month was hotdesker Jade Wicks from Doeth Marketing.

DeskLodge Bristol Feb 2017 Perks.jpg

March was a busy month and saw the launch of the DeskLodge Instagram profile where you can step into DeskLodge Bristol’s world! We had plenty of events including Festival of Female Entrepreneurs,  we also launched the DeskLodge blog featuring the latest DeskLodge adventures and promotes positive vibes for amazing coworking spaces and community.

DeskLodge instagram pics March.jpg

By April we had a beautiful balloon mural decorating our walls in the Indoor Garden on Floor 5, created by local artist Damien. We celebrated Easter with a fun-filled Easter Egg Hunt with the DeskLodgers and our one-person pods were finally ready to hire!

April 2017 at DeskLodge Bristol.jpg

In May we held the very successful Meet The Journalist event with Enterprise Nation and DeskLodge residents Pure Planet launched their renewable energy app. To add to the excitement Camden Beer arrived and gave all of our thirsty DeskLodgers some free beer which was very well received! The Entrepreneurs Godmother and DeskLodge regular Alison Edgar also joined us with her Easy Peasy Sales workshop, which is always very much enjoyed by the attendees.

May DeskLodge.jpg

In June DeskLodge resident Sarah-Jane Freni held a scrumptious charity cake sale in The Oak Tree promoting Loneliness Awareness Week alongside Marmalade Trust. To keep things healthy, we introduced the weekly Office Pantry Fruit box for all our DeskLodgers to share (which is usually empty within the hour!). The DeskLodge Socials were also starting to become a big event with more and more DeskLodgers networking and socialising each month & had seen many new friendships, collaborations and even relationships grow.

Desklodge Bristol june 2017.jpg

In July UCD BRS joined us with their first monthly meet up and have joined every month for their meetups, ever since and DeskLodge residents Slide celebrated their first birthday! Our VR Greenroom pod was also ready to hire and has been used by YouTubers and DeskLodge residents Performance.IN as a promotional tool The DeskLodge Social found itself in knots at DeskLodger Chris Lock’s alternative games night, a lot of laughter and fun was had by all!

JUly DeskLodge Bristol.jpg

By August the lovely Constance from Women's Tech Hub joined us as our Lodge Host temp and has been recognised as a big personality and colourful lady who lights up the office with her bright clothes and dry wit! DeskLodge were also pleased to be named as one of the Top 10 coworking spaces changing business in the UK by Company Check which was awesome! There was also a very popular quiz night as part of the DeskLodge Social with lucky winners from Blu Wireless coming out on top (which only seems fair as they have attended every DeskLodge social since they joined us two years ago!).

In September we introduced Yoga to our weekly agenda which has been very popular with our DeskLodgers and a great way to take time out, unwind and keep fit. To celebrate the end of the summer we held the DeskLodge End Of Summer Extravaganza where DeskLodgers were encouraged to dress up in Hawaiian shirts and floral garlands and join us for the first ever DeskLodge pub crawl which was a huge success!

DeskLodge Bristol Sept.jpg

By October Pure Planet celebrated a year at DeskLodge and we celebrated Halloween with the Fright Night DeskLodge Halloween Party in The Oak Tree with a guest make-up artist and lots of spooky fun! A very sociable month!

October DeskLodge Bristol.jpg

In November we Launched a new DeskLodge in Basingstoke with New York themes and a grand atrium, following the quirky and fun DeskLodge style.

DEskLodge Basingstoke Nov.jpg

This December DeskLodge Host Sam created a large advent calendar in the DeskLodge reception, each day a lucky DeskLodger got to open a door for festive and fun treats. DeskLodge are also very excited to introduce and welcome our new Host and Assistant Office Manager Siobhan Knight to our growing team! We will end this successful and productive year (and all those Christmas parties) with a mince pies and mulled wine get-together wearing our Christmas jumpers and exchanging Secret Santa gifts to celebrate a year well spent and raise a glass to a brilliant year in 2018!

Thanks DeskLodgers, you have been amazing.

Here's to a productive 2018

 Love the DL Bristol Team :)

Look at all of our lovely DeskLodgers of the month from 2017!

We realise there are only 11 Photos but we didn’t start DeskLodger of the Month until Feb!

 A big thanks to Jade, Greg, Joe, Thanh, Dave, Andrew, Adil, Beth, Alice, Andy and Laura for being our faces of 2017.

Who will it be next year?? It could be you!

Merry Christmas

DOM Greg, Joe, Beth.jpg

A short chat with Adam Babajee-Pycroft - From UCD

How did you hear about DeskLodge?

In December 2015 Natural Interaction were between offices and I needed a short-term hotdesk to fill the gap. A quick bit of Google-Fu and the lure of working in a Tardis led me to Desklodge.


Why did you decide to use DeskLodge as your meeting space for UCD BRS?

The price, central location and the flexibility of The Oak Tree as a space.

How have you found it?

It’s been perfect so far. Emma has been exceptionally helpful, the tech always works and new members always remark on the tree in the middle. It makes for great photos! One thing which is really helpful is the option to have it set up in Theatre or Workshop layout. Saves the team of organisers some time.

Would you recommend Desklodge to a friend?

Hell yeah!

How is everything going with UCD Bristol?

We’re growing slowly but surely. Having organised another meetup in the past I know these things take a while to build momentum. Feedback so far from attendees has been really positive and our speakers have been exceptional. We’ve had a run of workshops which you only normally get at conferences like UX Bristol.

So what does UCD stand for?

UCD stands for User Centred Design. It’s about putting the user of a website, service or software at the heart of the design process. By researching and understanding user needs,  we can design better things, which help businesses and their customers achieve their goals.

The reason I care about UX (User Experience) is because I want to save people time. Time and attention are some of the most valuable resources people have, and it’s our job to make sure they can spend as much time as possible on living life, not completing transactions. When you book a holiday, you don’t remember the booking process unless it was particularly stressful or difficult – you just remember the holiday, and that’s how it should be.

Do you think coworking spaces help new businesses/  startups?

Half of UK Startups will fail in the first 5 years ( Reference: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/businessclub/11174584/Half-of-UK-start-ups-fail-within-five-years.html). Your major overheads are likely to be rent and salaries. Coworking spaces help you scale up gradually rather than renting an inflexible space and quickly outgrowing it, or renting somewhere which is too large and never filling it because it consumes so much of your cash. Places like Desklodge give you much nicer offices than you can afford in a brand new business, as well as the opportunity to network with like-minded people.

Our Next Meetup

Designing the user research participant experience


Check Out

Natural Interaction: https://www.naturalinteraction.com/

UCD Bristol: https://www.meetup.com/UCD-Bristol/

Christmas is coming to DeskLodge!

We are getting excited about Christmas already here at DeskLodge and cannot believe that we are nearly at the end of an amazing 2017! We cannot wait for some festive fun in December, where we will celebrate a Merry Christmas and a happy new year with all of our DeskLodgers!

We have lots planned including the Secret Santa Club, Christmas jumper week (yes week), the mulled wine and mince pies DeskLodge social and a surprise we are saving to tell you!

We shall be inviting along local creatives and makers to join us on the run up to Christmas to sell handmade Christmas goodies and raise money for Cancer Research. DeskLodge Bristol are also involved in the Bristol Christmas Shoebox appeal where we are asking DeskLodgers to pack up a sweet box of goodies for the Bristol homeless, vulnerable people and refugees in the local area and South Wales.

So pull out your Christmas jumper and get ready to have a great month and to enjoy the fun.

Learn more about DeskLodge with this interview with the founder - Tom Ball

Following an inspiring blog post from Cat Johnson (https://catjohnson.co/) that focused on how storytelling can help to humanize your brand. Here at DeskLodge we are really good at telling you how great coworking spaces are and all the amazing things that happen at DeskLodge locations but you don’t really know much about the people behind the brand. Who could be better to humanise the DeskLodge brand than DeskLodge’s founder and creator Tom Ball!

 Cat Johnson writes content marketing for coworking spaces and communities and a weekly newsletter Coworking Out Loud.  https://catjohnson.co/subscribe/

Here is the influential blog post that taught us to humanise our brand through storytelling.


 What is the DeskLodge story?

The first thought of what has now become DeskLodge, was seeing a village that had won awards yet contained no pub or social space of any kind. This started a thought that daily commuting to send emails is insane. I believe we are social animals and full-time home working can be lonely. Therefore, I wanted to create great places to work near home and to reduce needless commuting, I do think coming together with colleagues is hugely important, just not every day. Ultimately these places would be in your ‘village’ not in city centres – but that’s a few years ahead.

The second was seeing Google’s new office (http://www.telegraph.co.uk/technology/2016/02/08/inside-googles-quirky-london-headquarters/ )open and wanting to have access to an inspiring office like that without needing to work for Google. That combined with wanting them to end up in villages created the thought about inclusivity, whilst we might have clusters (like tech and low-carbon in Bristol) I didn’t want cliques. I think having very different people, very different ways of thinking and working in a space is important.

Who are the people involved in the DeskLodge story?

In terms of building the space, our wonderful builders are where most of the ideas (and all of the work!) comes from.  Most of our builders, Skip, Martin, Wayne and Matt, I’ve known since I was two, when we grew up in the same village. Because we all have to travel to Bristol (We all live around Cambridge) we obviously stay over and go to the pub in the evening. This gives us regular time to think and reflect on what we’re doing, what’s working well and what doesn’t feel right. The Lego, tree and tent booths were going to be yellow, blue and red until a particularly good evening in the Blue Lagoon http://thebluelagooncafebar.com/ on Gloucester Road. That then gives the first version. The DeskLodge team are very good at sensing what is working, what people like and what needs to change. What could be better?

Have there been many lessons learned?

Where to begin! We started doing temporary spaces like a building due for demolition that we can use for a year or two. These are cheaper and allowed us to experiment much more but aren’t great long term as we would not be able to invest in a building or in growing a community if it was only temporary. We had a failed location in Hemel Hempstead, it was too far from transport links and was too small/too spread out to create a DeskLodge. We tried a few changes then realised we should either do it properly or not try. I think that focus on doing a few things well is really important in business, as well as tough!

What happened and is happening on the journey of building DeskLodge?

We keep trying to upgrade and improve the space. To make it more productive, friendlier and a nicer place to be. We are also thinking about how to make the space more inclusive to all, particularly to women, minorities and disabled people. Tiny changes like putting power sockets at table height not ankle height. We have much further to go in many ways.

What differentiates DeskLodge from your competition?

We try not to spend too much time thinking about the competition and defining them very broadly. I think I’ve learnt more from Wetherspoons https://www.jdwetherspoon.com/ and Thorpe Park www.thorpepark.com than most offices! I’m convinced that choice is a good thing, both of vibes and of different types of furniture. We watch which places get used the least and try to swap them for better places and create more of the most popular seats. We can’t seem to get enough of the bar height tables!

Why did you start DeskLodge in the first place?

I just wanted to enjoy my time in the office and I noticed that there were places I liked more and got more done and places I liked less and got less done. I normally have a few favourite seats in coffee shops I use often (I can’t always find a good coworking space).

What are your short, medium and longer-term vision and mission?

The biggest focus currently is just to improve what we’ve got. To get our systems/processes even smoother so it’s less dependent on our wonderful team having to run around to keep it all together! Basically, preparing for future growth.

Medium and longer term, I’d like us to open more DeskLodges, but I think that will have its own natural rhythm. If we are creating somewhere good to work and making it easy for people to enjoy it and get more done, I think we’ll naturally slowly grow.

 Who do you help? What have the specific results been to date?

I’m passionate that everyone should be very welcome. Corporates are very different to freelancers but the people aren’t nearly as different as we like to think. Especially the ones who like DeskLodge! And I think that diversity in every sense is wonderful, a freelance graphic designer can learn a lot from a corporate accountant and vice versa. I go back to that first thought of the missing village pub. I think grown-ups invented work so they could play together.


Lift off at DeskLodge Basingstoke!


We held our official launch party on November 9th at our new location in Basingstoke. It was a fantastic evening spanning over our 2 floors, with a beach and New York themes running throughout the space. From a sand covered welcome desk, to locally produced ale from Longdog Brewery, prosecco on tap, giant pretzels and of course, lots of amazing people and businesses from both local areas and from afar attending the event. 

It was a great success and we loved getting to meet and talk with people who were really interested in a new flexible and collaborative way of working from in and around Basingstoke. We hope everyone enjoyed it and we can't wait to see you all again! We offer 2 free hotdesk days if you want to change the way you work and you can register for that here

Check out some of the pics from the night and a video from founder Tom Ball below.

DeskLodge Socials - There ain't no party like a DeskLodge party!

Once a month DeskLodge Bristol holds a social event for all of our coworkers and residents. It’s a chance to network, let your hair down and to meet new and different people from outside your usual work/friendship groups.

We want to treat our lovely DeskLodgers and make everyone feel comfortable, happy and part of a team even though we are all from different companies and areas of business.

There is no hierarchy and with ageless boundaries, the DeskLodge socials are something to look forward to and a topic of conversation in the break out areas on our usual working days. Most importantly you can make new friends, network and have a good time.

Whether it’s just a trip to the pub, a games night, drinks in our indoor garden or a full-on pub crawl party, DeskLodge has it covered.

“I think they are always very fun, it’s good to meet new people and I like that, I just love them! You get free drinks and the themes are a great idea, like the quiz night, the Halloween, and Hawaiian night, it makes it more interesting and loads of new people have started coming lately, so I’ve met loads of cool people. The socials are really funny I’d never want to miss one! I love the massive dressing up box in the Oak Tree and the Games night was hilarious and for charity, which was a great idea. It’s the people around you that make it, I met my best friend at the DeskLodge social! You get to know your coworkers on a friendly basis, you can get on with them better because you have already socialised with them and now have things in common. Without the socials I wouldn’t have spoken to some of them, it’s a bit of networking, It’s interesting”. Beth Doherty, Fixed Desker, Media Street. https://www.media-street.co.uk/

“Desklodge socials are the perfect opportunity to meet amazing people. The socials are well organised by Jamie, Sam, Thanh & Emma. It’s a pleasure having them around, they know how to organise a successful get together. I think socials are great for co-working spaces because it is the opportunity we have to get to know the people that work around us every day”.  Claudia Loch. Hotdesker. Claudia Loch, Hotdesker, www.claudialoch.com

 “Oh, love them, it’s a great way to get to know your fellow DeskLodgers, it’s near your desk, you don’t have to go far! There are so many themes which help different personality’s shine through on different occasions. In many ways, it’s our like the other coworkers are our default team, it’s like a team bonding exercise, with no team away days and bonding exercises. The people I sit with on my fixed desk bank are more my team then people from my actual company. The socials make people more laid back and you find yourself networking your business without realising it as it’s on a more personal level. You find out about people’s interests and family life and create a bond that is deeper than just work”. Sarah Jane Freni,  Fixed Desker https://uk.linkedin.com/in/sarah-jane-freni-27915a13

See you at the next one!

Some reasons why coworking just works........

So, you have this new project to do. You really need to buckle down, concentrate and get some work done. The question is, where is the best place to work?

You're at home. You've made a nice little space just for you, but there are some dishes in the sink. Ok, get them done and then work. Well, give the dog a nice walk... then that's it. Work. Okay, NetFlix... just one episode...well, two episodes, just so you can see what's happening... you have just watched the entire season.

You're at the coffee shop. Decent WiFi, not too uncomfortable and good coffee. Expensive coffee but good. One cup should give you 45 minutes working time, maybe an hour. Then you order something else and you're good for the rest of the morning. Except for those toddlers running around. And those 3 people talking... yeah we get it, the football. And that music is definitely getting louder, plus that door opening is just causing a draft.

You're at the coworking hub. Nice choice of standing and sitting desks, that's good for the back. Decent coffee and a little selection of teas. Forgot the charger though! That's ok, they have a spare you can borrow. There are a few like-minded people sitting over there, You reckon you can work even harder than them! Midday already? 5pm already? So much done... 

It really can be that simple. For some people, it is WiFi, for some good coffee and for others it is networking. Whatever ticks the box for you is how you need to work, and finding a flexible working space can tick every box there is.

Thanks to our friends at NearDesk for sharing the post.

DeskLodge Bristol - Member Chats

Emma took some time last week to have a chat and catch up with some of our awesome members in DeskLodge Bristol.

Some new faces, some old and from different backgrounds and work industries. We love our relationships with our community, it's what makes us tick.

Check out the video and if your a member and want to get involved come and speak to the team :)

Thanks all for being interviewed!

Builders are back in Bristol town!

Have a word!

We are all about positive vibes at DeskLodge and we also really love sayings and quotes that encourage productivity. This week our builders have been taking a break from our lovely new Basingstoke office and have come back to Bristol to take down a wall here, add some new standing and normal desks with complete power/connectivity set up and put up our cool vinyl positive statements which will hopefully put a smile on a DeskLodgers face and inspire them to stay productive!

There are other interesting little quotes and words that can also be found around the office, look out for them on your next visit.



Quirky nooks and fun spaces

DeskLodge wants to create a home from home workspace using a variety of unique places and spaces mixing the original office ideals with quirky and engaging extras. Our Bristol office has large open plan spaces and small office spaces to cater for many the many coworkers that pass through each week, with other fun work areas to find across two floors of DeskLodge fun.

With Tom Ball’s creative eye and a big imagination, DeskLodge Bristol is a vibrant space with amazing little features that continue to surprise you with each visit.

Here are some of the little spaces, nooks and quirks that may go un-noticed on your first visit, see if you can find them next time you are here!

DeskLodge - Thanks to all who have loved and spread our story

DeskLodge Bristol has been really lucky to feature in some great articles over our first two and half years in Bristol, we're having an amazing time and it is always fantastic to hear what people think of us - especially when it’s so complimentary! Thanks Guys! You are Gert Lush!

Here are a few of our favourites…

The Telegraph - The15 coolest offices in the world

“Is it the future of working? Lego lovers will hope so.”


LegoBoothDesklodge WTH.jpg

Techspark – Desklodge Bristol based coworking offices with a difference

“Undoubtedly the interior DeskLodge has adopted is very cool. A particularly attractive feature is a door entrance in the form of a Tardis which, as you may have guessed, leads to a much larger space behind it.”


techspark Desklodge article.jpg

Agent Media- 7 Office Design Ideas that make Bristol a Workspace Leader

“The facility’s innovative, inspiring design aims to boost morale by providing the perfect working environment”.



BCA UK – Imagination runs wild at Desklodge Bristol coworking experiment

“This imaginative kaleidoscope of workspaces might be described as an experiment, but there's nothing provisional or makeshift about it. It’s here to stay”.


bca coworking desklodge.jpeg

WTH- Finding Friendly Spaces

“It is bright, cheerful and has very friendly people on the front desk who explain the membership options – you can drop in for just an hour at a time which is very flexible and perfect for us”.



Bristol 24/7 – Bristol’s coolest offices

“In the heights of the Bristol Post building stands one of Bristol’s quirkiest offices”.


agent media desklodge.jpg
b247 9 coolest offices desklodge.jpg

DeskLodge Socials

Everyone at DeskLodge works hard and needs time to rest their brilliant minds and chill out. Here at DeskLodge Bristol we like to throw a little social once a month for our DeskLodgers with a chance to meet other DeskLodge coworkers, network and enjoy themselves with a few drinks and nibbles added in to keep the troops morale up!

To keep our social events fresh, we like to change them up every now and again with fun in-house pub quizzes, hilarious games nights, Halloween celebrations, guest beer events and a good old fashioned British pub crawl. This Autumn we will be holding our End of the summer Hawaiian social, which will involve Hawaiian fancy dress (optional), fun tasks and of course a pub crawl around Bristol’s harbourside and beyond!.

It is so important to get to know your coworkers, not just for networking but to let your hair down and hang out with people you may not necessarily socialise with. Meeting new people can inspire you and increase productivity and Desklodge always wants to reward our coworkers with a few perks to keep them happy and productive, in a fun filled environment. By making everyone feel that outside their own business they are an important part of a larger coworking community.

We look forward to seeing you at our next social!

Hello From DeskLodge Basingstoke


DeskLodge has opened in the heart of Basingstoke in Belvedere House, part of Basing View’s dynamic Enterprise Zone. As well as becoming an innovation hub (home to the 5G emulator), Basingstoke’s fantastic connectedness makes it a great, mutually convenient meeting place. London Waterloo is just 45 minutes by train and Heathrow and Gatwick airports are close, as is the port of Southampton and the M25 and M3 motorways.

Our vibrant and collaboratively designed workspace is already attracting start-ups, small to medium sized businesses, freelancers and the worker on the move. Just a few minutes’ walk from the train station and close to Festival Place shopping centre with its 170 shops and eateries, this is an ideal setting for the DeskLodge brand of workspace. We’ve got hot desking, shared space, private offices, fixed desks, meeting rooms, event space and more, over 24,000 sqft of inspirationally-themed areas to drive awesome productivity inside and some refreshing, green “play areas” outside. We’re charged up with unlimited top quality tea & coffee and 1GB fibre internet just for starters. There are many reasons why we should be your business home. Come by car and park right outside or, if you prefer, bring your bike and leave it, covered and secure, right by the back steps to reception. Showers are available on entry if required or desired!

With flexible memberships and agreements to suit you or PAYG options that allow you the ability to scale up and grow within the space we provide, we have all you need to prosper and be part of an innovative community of like-minded people.

Check out our magnificent light and lofty atrium filled with DeskLodge quirkiness including the Watermill meeting room, Harlequin and Zen pods and beach huts, plus a second floor with a New York Skyline!

We’re so sure DeskLodge Basingstoke won’t disappoint, we’re offering 2 free days to give us a try. Here’s a sneak peek of the space and the amazing team putting it all together.

We can’t wait to see you soon!

Coworking - The Future Of Working

Part 2 - Looking at how a coworking environment can benefit your work productivity and inspire you!

At Desklodge we have created with love, a space that is fun and unusual with elements of surprise at every corner, providing companies and freelancers with a vibrant home to work from and run their business. You get the chance to work in different areas with people and environments that inspire you, which is much more productive than staring at the same four walls all day....every day.


We have our Oak Tree event space with a large tree in the middle, themed offices including China Town and the Sweet Shop, The Surf shack meeting space and we even have a Tardis….complete with a massage chair. Some of our inspiration comes from children’s play spaces which have different areas to engage children and bring out their creativity and imagination so why not do the same for adults!

At DeskLodge we encourage sustainability and technology with the companies that join our teams through to up cycling old tired office spaces into creative, fun spaces to work. No new builds for us, we like to make use of spaces already available.

DeskLodge Bristol - 191 - 2404 ┬® mikekear.com.jpg

The reception is the hub of the activity, it’s the beating heart of DeskLodge. At DeskLodge we have Hosts not receptionists, the idea of having one person sat on the reception seems alien to us and not a productive use of time. We want the person working on reception to be involved with everything, we borrow from hospitality, restaurants, and bars it’s not just an office, we want people to feel at home including our own staff.

Each Desklodge is wonderfully different but with the same ethos and vision behind it. We create a warm welcome from our hosts, Themed & fun work spaces, meeting rooms, booths & phone booths, great break out & quiet spots, excellent kitchen facilities with a relaxed & friendly vibe and a chance to meet like-minded people.

We hope to see you in a DeskLodge soon!

desklodge grumpys shed and lego booth.jpg

Coworking - The Future Of Working

A two part blog post about how coworking can work for you.

The DeskLodge vision is to make coworking spaces the future of working, a space to network and encourage productivity through interesting spaces, conveniently located for commuters and locals, whether you are a start-up or an established company, DeskLodge aims to be part of the future of working in the UK.

Things have changed, we no longer need our own desk, it’s been a hard slog but people are now used to the idea of coworking and moving about each day, they do not need to see the same faces, be in the same office eacj and every day,. We have adapted to the change and the opportunity technology has given us to completely change the way we work.

DeskLodge Bristol - 122 - 2256 ┬® mikekear.com.jpg

Collaborative and coworking spaces work really well for start-up companies who are hoping to grow and flourish their business. At Desklodge you have the opportunity to start small as a hotdesker and as your business expands you are given the option to move on into more permanent fixed desks and office spaces within the coworking space itself. We thrive on driving engagement and collaboration in our spaces, so we build communities by creating a great working environment, with a place to network, expand and recruit.

A coworking space offers you the chance to meet interesting people and network with other business including starts ups and established companies, sharing ideas and inspiring each other and helping your businesses grow, and make valuable new connections.


We do things differently at Desklodge offering commitment free hot desking, very reasonable prices and simple billing & membership packages including pay-as-you- go, superfast free wifi, free coffee & tea, live bookable meeting rooms and a huge range of work spaces to suit your mood.

Another great reason to work at a coworking space is to get yourself out of your house, it can be so uninspiring to work from home every day, despite the home comforts. It’s great to leave the house and to feel you have achieved something by going out to work and meeting other people. The social side of working is so important as is a change in your environment.


Read more in part 2 of the series where we look at how the DeskLodge environment can benefit your work production, inspire you and make you happy! 

Meet a few of our awesome DeskLodgers

This week we thought we would introduce you to a few of our lovely DeskLodgers!

As you know we offer a range of private offices, fixed desks and hotdesking opportunities at in our coworking environment, and these DeskLodgers are from all corners of the DeskLodge world!

From freelancers and start-ups to established businesses, we have it all at DeskLodge, as long as you are happy with a coworking space with a difference. Meet five of them and read their story…..

Emily from Oggadoon

OggaDoon is based on the simple idea that clever comms gets you reach and revenue. Who specialise in high impact campaigns that use a nimble and fresh approach to PR, brand and media.

Emily is OggaDoon’s Creative Content Manager, specialising in creative copy, branding, and process.

I joined OggaDoon a few months ago – one of those genuine offer-I-can’t-refuse, will-regret-it-forever-if-I-don’t, yes-I-know-that-means-moving-almost-100-miles, jobs. OggaDoon completely breaks the mould of communications, taking a guerrilla approach that is all about creating outstanding content that genuinely reaches the client’s customer.

But that’s not just why OggaDoon is so special. We don’t subscribe to the idea of a rigid work environment, which is why DeskLodge is so perfect for us. Flexible hours, hot desking wherever we want, tea and coffee on tap, and the chance to natter with any of the incredible creatives and techies that inhabit the DeskLodge world.

The team here (at DeskLodge) absolutely bend over backwards to make whatever we need to work a reality: from free fruit on Wednesdays, to ingenious paperclip creations to remove rice from phone ports (it’s a long story . . .). Our clients work in so many sectors and all over the globe, and it’s encouraging to know that DeskLodge is working just as hard for us as we are for them.


Paul from Brand in Process

Paul brand in process.jpg

I came to DeskLodge the first week of living in Bristol, in November 2015. And I'm still here.

In London I had founded a design studio in 2002 which I ran until recently (1977 Design). Here in Bristol, I founded Brand In Process.

Brand In Process is a brand consultancy for a digital age. We help businesses understand that their brand isn't a static entity but is something which is in process. Helping business understand the ever-shifting business, social and tech landscapes ensures they remain relevant. We then help them shape and explain their meaning in order to best interest and engage people right now.

I write, talk, lecture, (some might say ramble on) a lot about brand so please do have a read on Brand In Process.

If you want to talk brand just say hi.


Sarah-Jane from Shooting Star PR

Sarah-Jane Shooting star PR.jpg

Shooting Star is a PR and marketing agency and storytelling is what we do best.

Recently, we got charity Marmalade Trust, which launched the UK’s first Loneliness Awareness Week, on BBC Points West and by the next day they had received over 40 offers of help. We’ve helped our clients SPCE and Hügge reach their crowdfunding targets by getting them coverage in online and print media. And Selectec received trade enquiries from Sweden after we placed the announcement of their Scandinavian launch in their chosen trade publication.

Tell Us Your Story!

Have you got an interesting story to tell? Is your business unique? Have you won an award? If so, let everyone know!

If you’re the first, the last, the biggest or the best, or if you simply excel at what you do, why not let us share your story?

Shooting Star – sarahjane@weareshootingstar.co.uk – 0117 4038200


Alice and Paul from Huggg

We’re launching Huggg this week - the app that enables you to message a real-life coffee, lunch, cake or cocktail to a friend in your phonebook at the tap of a button. The recipient doesn’t have to wait for the item to be delivered, they can go and collect the Huggg immediately, completely at their own convenience.

Available on iOS & Android for all those times you wanted to act in the moment, or do something a little extra than a text message. A Thank you coffee, a Congrats flute of prosecco or even a Happy Birthday lunch. There are thousands of reasons!

We started building Huggg just over two years ago, but only took up office space in Autumn 2016 - previous to that I was working in my spare room for a year and Paul was working in the evenings in and around his day job. There are just two of us working on the app full time in Bristol so we were looking for office space that didn’t smell like dust, had some natural daylight, AC but also wouldn’t financially ruin us! You should have seen some of the places we viewed.

We chose DeskLodge because it was the most interesting office space we visited (and least corporate by far!), with the most genuine staff and feel. DeskLodge is run professionally, but feels relaxed. Back then we were so new to the whole concept of working in an office together, we wanted flexibility to change/expand if we needed to and some other humans around so it wouldn’t feel like we were working in a cupboard!

One of our favourite spots in DL is in “the LandRover” on 4th Floor - the gents who built it shared with us that they drew a specific route on the map that’s from a famous film.. Not obvious at a glance, but it’s the little touches like this that make DL the best place to work in Bristol! Mainly the rhino wearing a fez :)


Emma at Modular

Modular design and build bespoke integrated apps (think bespoke software systems, but replace software with digital products). We partner with client’s long term and help them embed digital strategy into their organisation. Our core team are based in Bristol, but we work with partners, clients and suppliers across the UK and internationally.

The first time we clapped eyes on DeskLodge, we knew we had found our spiritual home.

We luckily bagged a fixed office (six desks, fantastic views over the city and The Mendips) with all the benefits of a serviced space; 24 hour access, wifi, reception. DeskLodge offered so much more than just a space, it gave us the opportunity to meet with other technical, digital and creative agencies and freelancers. It’s great for networking, we have sourced partners and suppliers during our short time here. The events hosted in the space offer great scope for meeting people and sharing ideas and helping each other grow.

The best thing about DeskLodge is the wide range of flexible space available. We really are spoilt for choice and can match the space to the type of meeting; the garden area is great for a quick catch up, booths work well for those longer more detailed meetings and for complete privacy and longer sessions with clients, the Benn Room or Oak Tree Room are amazing. Being able to operate outside of our office without having to leave the building, has made a massive difference to our business.

But it would not all be possible without the amazing team who make everything happen; so really the answer should be the DeskLodge team; Jamie, Thanh, Sam and Emma..who have made us welcome from day one and really make sure we can "stay productive" always friendly, helpful and on hand to help with even the weirdest of requests.


Catch our next blog soon :)