DeskLodge - Before and After

We are often asked at DeskLodge what the space in our Bristol office was like before we started working on creating our amazing spaces. Check out a few of these before and after shots, from work on Floor 5 of DeskLodge Bristol started in May 2015.

Thanks to our amazing builders for transforming the spaces you now enjoy and work productively from. We are keeping this short and sweet and take a peek at the images below :)

The Lego Booth!

The Lego Booth!

The Tardis!

The Tardis!



The Garden

The Garden

The phone booths!

The phone booths!

And of course, thanks for adding fun, colour and even more personality to our amazing spaces DeskLodgers!

DeskLodge Bristol 2017 so far......

We are halfway through 2017 DeskLodgers and we would like to take this chance to say thanks for being such a great bunch of people to work with. We have really enjoyed having you here and sharing our creative spaces with you.

Let’s take a look at the first half of 2017 and what you have all been up to!

Jan saw the beginning of the work on our one person pods which were inspired by old cowboy Westerns, the theatre and Punch and Judy Shows.

After the pods you will find new offices Chinese emporium, retro gas stations and a toyshop which are now home to DeskLodge newbies Made In China, Performance In and Revoco.

March DeskLodge Bristol launched their new blog with a mini-series on being happy and productive at work, followed by the launch of our Instagram account. Follow us and keep up with all the DeskLodge fun!

March also saw a new seating area in the 4th Floor kitchen which has been used for hotdesking and staff meetings as well as it’s original purpose for a lunch space. Which is a brilliant example of how a coworking space should work!

Our newsletter got an update too and included new features including a monthly DeskLodger of The Month! Who will be next??

With April came many events and the DeskLodge Easter Egg Hunt. Check out the Lucky winners below

DeskLodge regulars Women's Tech Hub have been joining us every Friday with meet ups and events, it’s always buzzing in the office when WTH are here!

Credit - Mind Doodle

Credit - Mind Doodle

By May the first companies had moved into the one-person pods including Karen from LCSW and Finn from Firsty Group. We are really happy to announce that all the pods now have residents!

There have been plenty of great events at DeskLodge over the past six months including Sales Coaching Solutions, SW Mobile meet ups and who could forget the visit from Camden Beers?


Lastly, let’s not forget the DeskLodge socials every last Thursday of the month, and remember, get there early before Blu Wireless turn up! Cheers!

See you all soon :)


DeskLodge - Member Perks

Have you taken advantage of the DeskLodge Perks?

We are so lucky to have so many great local businesses supporting each other in Bristol and DeskLodge have teamed up with many of them to bring our lovely DeskLodgers a few discounts and perks!

We have searched high and low for the best perks from local businesses for you to take advantage of taking into consideration your requests. If you have any recommendations or think there is something missing from our perks then give us a shout!

Whether it’s discounts on food for your lunch or catering requirements, savings on gym memberships, stationary, cycle & bike goodies, DeskLodge have it covered. Please follow links here http://desklodge.com/member-perks for all perks and check our DeskLodge boards in the kitchen areas for all perks news and updates!

Food perks logos.jpg

Food Perks include

The Exchange Coffee co. https://www.exchangebristol.com/

Tiffin Time https://www.tiffintime.co.uk/

Sandwich Sandwich http://www.sandwichsandwich.co.uk/

Office Pantry  https://www.officepantry.co.uk/

desklodger logos.jpg
slide staff.jpg

DeskLodge - Listening to your feedback

Over a month ago we sent out a survey to all of our DeskLodgers to ask them what they thought of our space and the service they have received. We are always striving to offer the best service, in a friendly and productive environment, so your opinions count!

Firstly, we are proud to hear that 95% of you were happy and impressed with DeskLodge on your first visit, the information given on your first day with us and a great introduction to the team. It is so important that your first visit to DeskLodge leaves a good impression so this makes us very happy!

“Colourful, imaginative, quirky, effortless sign-up and account management, and an oasis of calm that is highly conducive to thoughtful, detailed work.”

We have taken notice of your views on the kitchen areas with ‘not enough space to eat’ being a highlighted point. We have added extra high bench seating areas on Floor 4 which have become very popular for casual company meetings and hotdesking too. Bringing a much more sociable vibe to the Floor 4 kitchen. Don’t forget you are still welcome to eat lunch in The Oak Tree and the indoor Garden on Floor 5. We would like to restrict eating hot food at your desk, keeping food spills and empty dishes on desks to a minimum and create a more social lunch area where you can make friends and network

“It's nice having a communal space to meet others - and the coffee queue can get quite sociable”.

We have had positive feedback for our wifi and internet connectivity, your feedback on any issues is always very valuable to us and we are always striving to improve our services. We have heard what you are saying and have invested in a new system that has now been installed and is up and running!

When asked which areas of DeskLodge you found the most productive 85% of all residents said they were most productive in their own office/ fixed desk spaces with only 15% of you venturing out to other DeskLodge spaces. We are creatures of habit after all!  Working in your own office makes sense if you are part of a team, that’s the great thing about DeskLodge it is up to you lot how you want to work,. We just want to make sure that there is as much opportunity for your business to thrive with the option to change the location of your office for the day if you wish.

“It really depends on what I am doing, one of the attractions of Desklodge is the variety of environments that it offers”.

The most popular words to describe DeskLodge were Fun and Productive with “Idiosyncratic. In a very, good way!” being our favourite way to describe us.

You told us that you found the NearDesk sign up process straightforward with a few of you getting help from a member of the DeskLodge team. We are taking your comments on board and don’t forget to ask a DeskLodge host for help if you need it in the meantime.

100% of you declared you would recommend DeskLodge to a friend. Thanks we love you too 😊

“Friendly, very reasonable and flexible, very welcoming staff”.

“DeskLodge is a great space; offers huge scope for creativity, interaction with a wide range of businesses large and small, plus great support from a well-manned team”.

“It's an environment that highly optimised for people working in tech, design and similar knowledge-based sectors”.

DeskLodge - Some of the amazing people behind our spaces

At DeskLodge we are always being asked who are our Interior designers, where do the crazy idea's come from and would they be available to create an amazing office space for me? Well, the hidden treasures behind the DeskLodge creative spaces are our lovely builders, with DeskLodge founder Tom Ball’s creative brains and a penchant for the unusual mixed with the wonderfully creative head of the team Paul and the highly skilled, hard working and very cheeky Martin and Taylor in the mix, it’s a melting pot of fun-filled creativity!

Who else could create an indoor Garden complete with Grumpy's shed, a Lego booth with disco lights, a Tardis that's secretly a coding room, Punch and Judy one person pods, phone booths disguised as toilets and an events space with an enormous Oak tree in the middle of it?

This is a big thank you to our wonderful and creative team who have helped shape DeskLodge into what it is today, a colourful, living space mixing contemporary cool with vintage oddities, in a childlike home from home environment that people are inspired to covet!

The creative process

Tom Ball finds an unusual item at a theatre prop sale or a car boot

Tom shows it to Paul, who gets very excited and enthusiastic and between them, they visualise the new item in one of our spaces!

Paul creates the basic design and decides how it will work in the space, which could be for a massive open plan space or a small telephone pod, it makes no difference to Paul

Tom loves it and gets more props, as does Paul

Paul alongside Martin and Taylor get to work using all their skills from carpentry, painting, drawing, lighting, these guys do everything.

Who needs interior designers when you can get a DeskLodger to do it?  A little imagination is all you need!

DeskLodge - Events & Meetups

DeskLodge holds many fun meet-ups and social events in our Oak Tree event space and indoor Garden. Many featured events include group meetups, business breakfasts, new starter business meets, tech events, PR advice, journalism, sales events and sustainability business events. 

Popular events and meet ups are run by great local businesses including Women's Tech Hub, Low Carbon Southwest, Alison Edgar, SW Mobile meets and Enterprise Nation events. You will regularly find these awesome DeskLodgers hanging about the Bristol office being productive in our coworking spaces. Make your event a DeskLodge regular and get networking!

Our events can run from as early as 7am, throughout the day, with evening events up until 9pm. Perfect for start-ups, networking and meeting new, interesting people. DeskLodge will even consider weekend events! We also accommodate small workshops within our co-working space, ideal for one on one advice on various aspects of business including HR advice and marketing advice.

DeskLodge will also help you to promote your event on all our social media platforms, ensuring all our brilliant DeskLodgers know about your event. What more could you ask for?

Want to bring food and drink? We can help source local caterers for you at discount prices with our DeskLodge perks, or you could get your shopping order delivered to DeskLodge, we’ll even stick the beers in the fridge for you, how about a pizza and beers night? With free tea and coffee on tap and a DeskLodge host on hand, whatever the event, however big, small, informal or formal, we can make our event spaces work for you.

What more could you ask for? Get in touch and book your event today!

DeskLodge - A better way of working

Networking and collaborating at DeskLodge

A bonus of working at DeskLodge is that you don’t end up sitting next to the same old faces day in day out. You choose where you sit and work from each day and can move to suit your mood. With 2 floors of awesome workspaces to choose from and the bonus that there are lots of other like-minded people, you can meet someone new every day.

The fun doesn’t end there! You can join us for our DeskLodge social events, chat with other Desklodgers on slack chat and get to know the different people and companies that co-work at DeskLodge with you.

Many DeskLodgers have collaborated together and supported each other on different projects, joined each other at events as well as made new friends and business buddies.

New faces and places inspire us to be more productive, they help you look at things in a different way and help influence and create new projects and ideas. Don’t be reserved, join in and speak to your fellow DeskLodgers, it’s not just a job it’s a lifestyle.

It’s been amazing for us to embrace, meet and watch so many awesome people and businesses come into our space, and see them grow, engage and interact to help make DeskLodge a truly thriving and living community and work space.

So, whether you’re in the kitchen grabbing a coffee and meet someone new, or teaming up to complete a goal there is always a fellow DeskLodger around happy to help or get involved 😊

DeskLodge - A better way of working - Part 3

Here is part 3 of our mini-series of reasons why working at DeskLodge can improve your work life and productivity. Part three talks about saving those pennies!

Is your business expanding and growing, do you want to hear some cost effective options to add new team members? We have fantastic hot-desking packages on no commitment terms you can quickly and easily add on. You can even pay by the hour for just £3, with free coffee and wifi thrown in, what are you waiting for?

Also, if you are a new business why not start on hot-desking packages, slowly building your team and working towards making a home out one of our private offices in the future.

Another option is fixed desking. If you are a 1-4 person team you can take some fixed desks on short-term agreements, you won’t be tied into any long term contracts paying for space you no longer need. It saves money on not having a large office and gives you the freedom to move around and work from a different space every day, and stay productive. Watch out though, we do have a waiting list at Desklodge Bristol, contact us to get yourself on the list and join the DeskLodge party.

Why not try our one person pods, currently available on an introductory price, great if you are looking for your own space outside of the home office or if you are just looking for an office for a day. You can hire our pods for a steal at £40 a day with all the DeskLodge perks included.

Check out our funky meeting rooms available to hire by the hour or day at great rates. If you are a resident here you can save up to 10% on the booking fee, a great reason to become a fully fledged DeskLodger. The best thing, you can book our meeting rooms right up until the last minute with our live availability system.

Don’t forget it’s great for the environment and your bank balance to work closer to home and cut down transport costs and commuting time. DeskLodgers can get discounts from local businesses, one is Cyclelife, so why not ride a bike to work or book a ride with Slide, one of our many amazing companies at DeskLodge. We have more money saving member perks at DeskLodge from joining the local gym, or even some HR advise?

Cha Ching......Love the DeskLodge Bristol Team!

DeskLodge – A better way of working - Part 2

Here is part 2 of our mini-series of reasons why working at DeskLodge can improve your work life and productivity. Part two talks about becoming productive!

At Desklodge Bristol you are welcome to move about our two floors as you work. Whether you are a hotdesker, a fixed desker or a resident, a change of scenery can do you good and inspire you to stay productive. Or a simple conversation with a co-worker could give you the motivation to go back to your work focused, and raring to go. You don’t have to be chained to your desk to be productive!

We have designed a productive workspace for you to enjoy and produce magical work from. Working in our fun, creative spaces and places will inspire you to become more productive. One example is our Dr Who inspired Tardis, code name The Library.  It’s fun, It’s quiet, with calm lighting and a relaxed ambience (have you tried the massage chair???).  So, if you want to get your head down or escape from the buzz, we have that covered!

Have you ever been in a coffee shop, endlessly waiting for the wifi to kick in? You will never have that issue at Desklodge with our super-fast 1GB fibre internet, it’s perfect for fast and effective working and did we mention it’s free and included with any membership here.

Why not hang out in our break out spaces and meet and bounce off ideas with fellow DeskLodgers and after a gert lush cup of coffee (from our bean to cup machine), you are ready and fueled to tackle the work load and challenges of the day!

DeskLodge takes the pressures away from a normal working environment. The DeskLodge staff are on hand to make sure your day runs smoothly, in this very friendly and home from home environment. All you have to do is rock up, get comfortable and stay productive……all we ask is that you pop your cup into the dishwasher when your done!

Love the DL team 

DeskLodge - A better way of working

We are going to bring you a mini-series of reasons why working at DeskLodge can improve your work life and productivity. Part one talks about providing a happy workspace for all to enjoy!

You + DeskLodge = Happy Bunny!


It makes us very happy at DeskLodge Bristol to be able to provide a vibrant and collaborative workspace. We suit any type of business from freelancers, contractors, small start-ups and growing companies. With flexible payments and memberships, it makes it easy to drop in when you please, or become a resident DeskLodger.

We have created this awesome space that makes people happy. You can hire out our themed and fun meeting rooms, hangout in the indoor garden, drop into a quirky phonebooth, hideaway in the Tardis or even work and play in our infamous Lego booth. All this plus our superfast wifi and fresh coffee is all on tap. Who wouldn’t be happy?

DeskLodge is run by an awesome, friendly team who are very happy to make every visit to DeskLodge the best time ever! Do you need another reason to make you happy? How about joining us at our monthly social, complete with booze (non-alcoholic options too), nibbles and other, very happy DeskLodgers!

Life is too short to work in a space that doesn’t make you happy. We want you to get up in the morning ready to face another day, not dreading the sound of the alarm clock and the fact you have to go and stare at the same four walls every day.

Wake up with that DeskLodge feeling!

Love the DeskLodge Bristol team